‘Here Comes The Sun’

What a lovely day.  The sun is out, washing on the line and spring flowers in the garden.

Not been a bad week even though it has been busy.

After all my appointments on Monday, Tuesday, I had a day in, doing Aspergillosis Trust stuff and card making.

Wednesday was the Spring Air-Quinox which quite a few of us were taking part in


springWe had to leave our samplers out for at least 6 hours.  I have enjoyed taking part as the results have been very interesting.DSC_0007Also on Wednesday, I met a friend for lunch.  We always go to the local carvery, I never turn down a roast dinner.  It is always lovely to see her, we worked together over 30 years ago.

Thursday was another Aspergillosis Trust day.  I did a re-order, of the posters and organised some stickers.  A friend of mine who owns an art gallery (The Velvet Easel Gallery) has offered to donate a proportion of her calendar sales this year to Aspergillosis Trust.

Friday was another GP appointment.  This time it was for a care plan as apparently,  I have complex health issues and this means I have regular appointments to see how things are going.  I was pleased it was being done by the GP that knows me as I thought it would be easy.  WRONG! Her first words were ‘your primary condition is Bronchiectasis’ so I had to go through everything.  Explain that if I didn’t have ABPA, my asthma would not be classed as severe, I wouldn’t have Bronchiectasis, colonised pseudomonas, osteoporosis and diabetes.  The last two were caused by long term use of steroids because for years that was only treatment I could tolerate for the Aspergillosis.  We then went through all my medication and had a chat about next of kin which of course is hubby.  It is on file now that I am happy they talk to him about anything to do with my treatment.  Then it was an end of life plan.  I explained that at the moment I felt I didn’t want to make that kind of decision as I am still able to enjoy life but felt I wouldn’t want someone thumping on my chest to get my heart going again.  Imagine it with my brittle bones! So that has been left for the time being.

Good news though my blood test from the beginning of the week showed that my iron levels are quite low but don’t warrant any further tests.  I also got the results from my diabetic eye test and everything is fine there as well.  Good news.

Got home and at 4.30 I got a phone call from Brompton – the asthma nurse.  The registrar that I had seen in clinic had left so the letter I send had been handed to her.  She said to try and cope with the inhaled antibiotics if I can as there are not a lot of options left with my bug but if I feel I can’t cope to take myself to the local A & E and tell them I need intravenous antibiotics also to say which ones I need!!!  I said I can’t just walk in and do that – apparently I can.  I was thinking of giving it a go just to see but chickened out in case they took an x-ray and kept me.  So I will persevere for the time being.  I might bring my appointment forward if I feel I am getting worse.

I have finished my card orders so I just want to replenish my stock now.

Take care. x


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