‘I Don’t Want to go to Chelsea’

Needs must though!royalbrompton2710B

I have been struggling since I was on holiday at the beginning of March.  I have had 4 courses of antibiotics and generally feeling rough.  Last week I sent a copy of all my bloods and sputum test results to my doctor and today I received a letter saying I was to be admitted on Wednesday 10th April if there is a bed available.

We all hate being admitted but I must admit I am getting fed up of feeling so duff.  I think because I have had a good year with the old lungs I was hoping everything (even though all the treatment takes time) was settled.

It has been a busy week though.  There was an article in the Daily Mail about Aspergillosis and two of the co-founding members were involved.  I have been updating the website so we have a page now with all the Fundraisers on along with a media page.  I also had a reprint of the posters as we had quite a few requests which is smashing.  Things are picking up. Busy Busy

I also have a card order so I want to try and get that finished before I get admitted.

Now to get my head in gear – silly I know – sort out decent pj’s, t-shirts (it gets hot in hospital) books, make sure I have my charger for kindle and phone.  I might take my laptop so I can do some AT stuff.  Not sure yet as they might drug me up to the eyeballs so everything might be gobbledygook.  Just don’t want to get bored.  I put my hands up I am not a good patient.  In my head I know it is the right thing but I have so many things I want to do.  Life is too short.  I always promise hubby I will behave but I tend to fail drastically when it comes to it.


Take care everyone and hopefully, I will return fighting fight and ready to take on the world.






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