‘Boys are back in Town’

‘Boys are back in Town’

This is an X rated blog – contains blood and gore!

After a little blip, Brompton had a bed for me on Friday.  So I am writing this from my hospital room.  The song refers to my constant companions Pseudomonas Aeruginosa and Aspergillus Fumigatus.  Thankfully the Aspergillus is not partying as much as the Pseudomonas.

Started me on Meropenem iv so hopefully, that will work but I have had to do a sputum test as it seems that the last one Brompton did differ from the one my GP did.  A clever bug seems to want to confuse us so we can’t kill it off!


Lovely registrar put a cannula in so I could get started but sadly it only lasted until this morning.  Went to go and have a shower and noticed I had developed muscle on my elbow!  A soft and squishy one.  No sense no feeling me the thing had tissued and it looks like the morning dose is still in my elbow!  Luckily there is a lovely Charge Nurse on today who has put in a long line.  My skin is paper thin from years of steroids and having to walk with crutches the cannulas catch.  I did bleed everywhere when the line was put in, it was like a CSI crime scene, so I needed another wash.  That will hopefully be okay now until I leave fighting fit.

Pseudomonas is quite disgusting it is like coughing up mushy peas.  I think that is why I am feeling so tired it is hard work getting rid of all the gunk.

As I am sure you are all aware if you regularly read my blogs we have a facebook support group and the subject of all us mouldy people having bacterial infections as well as fungal cropped up.  They seem to party together in our lungs.  My friend (she is a co-founding member of AT as well) asked me to think of a song.  Well, a song from my youth came to mind The Ugly Bug Ball by Burl Ives.

I am being well looked after (verging on spoilt), thank goodness for the NHS.  All the staff from top to bottom have been lovely.  My lung Doctor the Prof phoned me on Friday morning to see how I was and said he would try and come to the ward to see me but he has a busy week.  I saw 3 doctors when I was admitted on Fri explaining what they were going to try and do.  The SHO saw our bus campaign for WAD and said he was honoured to meet me as it was amazing having Aspergillosis talked about.

Take care everyone. x



6 thoughts on “‘Boys are back in Town’

  1. Just to know as someone who has little knowledge on all of this I often think of you even though we’ve not met.
    I take so much from what you and other experienced bug fighters say.
    Best wishes for a speedy recovery xx


    1. Sally. Very kind of you especially as you are so ill at the moment yourself. I am doing fine and the doctors are working hard to do their best. It is a horrible condition and then we are susceptible to infections on top which makes it doubly hard. Try and stay strong I am sure they will find something and get you on a routine that helps. Take care. x


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