Even though I am in hospital and will be for some time (told this morning 2 weeks) things are not too bad.

Yesterday morning I had to go for a CT scan and Echo.  There was a young lady learning at the Echo department and asked if I would be willing to let her try and do the scan first and the technician would come and do the proper scan afterwards.  Lovely lady, I did feel sorry for her as I think she was struggling.  She told me she had found my heart (which I was pleased about) but only manage to locate one chamber.  She said it was so difficult.  Now I am not the slimmest of people and I am sure that makes a difference.  I did say we are all shapes and sizes also women having boobs, one of which is situated near the organ in question must make it harder.  I don’t think I was the best person to start her day in training.  I was pleased to see the next person waiting was a thin young man so hopefully, she found a complete heart!


Hubby came to visit in the afternoon.  He brought up some cheese and crackers for me as I am lucky enough to have a fridge in my room so if for any reason I don’t like the meal I have something to munch on.  Everything has been good so far except the first night.  Physios came round and spoke to me and I had a walk so they could monitor my oxygen saturation which was a bit of a shock.  The went down to 88 whilst walking.  Now I know my sats aren’t the best but that is not good for me.  There was a discussion as to what to do as my sputum is very thick and sticky and the CT scan shows that there is a lot there causing plugging.  I just can’t shift it.  Well, the decision was made that they would bring in a bird machine to help.


Such a busy day yesterday.  Then at about 5 pm someone else turned up and said I was down for a sleep study so I needed to be ready for bed between 8 – 9 as I would be wired up for the night.  The first thing that went through my mind what if I want to go wee.  Thankfully the nurses are all trained to disconnect me if needed.  Relax!

Then the loveliest thing happened.   A young lady put her head around the door and asked if I would like a song sung to me.  You all know me and my music so I said yes without hesitation.  In she comes with a young man with a guitar and they asked what music I liked.  First thing I said was Eric Clapton.  He said he could play something but she didn’t know any of the words.  So I said James Taylor or Carole King so they played a Carole King tune.  I was so chuffed and it was really lovely, so talented.  In the end they stayed for a while and they did an Aretha Franklin song as well.  Before they went the chap played Layla on his guitar for me.  Absolutely amazing and fantastic.  Two young people with so much talent walking around hospital wards singing to patients.  Wow!

Then the technician turned up to strap me up to the machines for the night.  It wasn’t too bad actually and I managed to go all night without having to call the nurses.

That was all yesterday.  Today has been another busy day but I will write about that another time as I don’t want to bore you all.

The NHS is brilliant and the way Brompton is looking after me I couldn’t ask for better.  The little man that serves the tea and coffee knows now I have my herbal teas.  This morning whilst I was plugged into this bird machine he just came in took one of my teabags off the side and put it in a cup of hot water for me.  This place and ward really do look after you.  Nurses, physios, doctors, ward clerk, catering and cleaning staff are all brilliant.

Take care everyone




7 thoughts on “‘Zip-a-Dee-Doo-Dah’

  1. Thanks Jill, the updates about The Brompton are a brilliant insight into how the NHS should be.
    It is nice to hear that you are being well looked after and that you are keeping your spirits up.


      1. We are glad they are doing their best by you,you deserve the best treatment possible. I’m okay a little tired and stressed,too many mouthy and loud grandkids esp as Robyn is just getting over chickenpox and Grace Is just coming down with it. Oh the joys of childhood illnesses.😂 XX

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  2. I’m shocked Jill your unwell and in hospital your really going through it.
    When you were saying about the treatment you’re receiving in hospital I thought what hospital is this it must be your local hospital? Then you said you have a fridge in your room I’m thinking oh it’s private. Then you mentioned the wonderful Royal Brompton! What you say is so right all members of staff are superb. I spent 3 weeks in the Brompton years back which I’ll always remember with delight I felt so safe and relieved to be in the Brompton.
    Well Jill, I hope you start to improve and you’re not in a lot of discomfort with all that’s going on.
    Best wishes to you Jill
    Take care
    Jan Gibbs


  3. Thanks Jan. Feeling better by the day. They really are looking after me. Just one of those things. Go down hill quickly but then takes ages to get back to normal. I will get there. Thanks for your kind wishes and I hope you are keeping well. x


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