‘Under Pressure’

Nearly one week over.  Time seems to be flying by and I am feeling I have more energy every day.

I had a sleep study done as I tend to get very tired during the day and my oxygen sats seem to dip in the morning.  No one has said there was a problem so I presume everything is okay.  I did have a bag of iron put through my line which I think has helped.  Hard to tell sometimes.  I know when I have a bad infection I am more tired but perhaps it is all due to iron deficiency.  I must admit I am not good with big lumps of meat.  Chicken is my meat of choice, chicken curry, roast chicken, chicken stir fry and I love chicken kiev!  I love eating but chewing big lumps of meat make me puff.  How do you enjoy eating if it exhausts you?  Consultant asked if I eat offal not good with that either the texture.  So I will have to look into other ways of improving my iron intake when I get home.  Must admit it was lasagne for lunch which was good so perhaps more minced beef.  (Gosh I am really sounding old, they will be putting all my food in a blender!)

I am doing physio 3 times a day now but before I use the bird machine I inhale hypertonic saline then use the machine which has normal saline in.  The bird pushes oxygen and saline into my lungs then when I breath out the acapella comes into play.  They have attached my acapella to the bird so I am getting the best of both worlds.  I must admit it really is helping budge this gunk.


I am left to my own devices over the weekend as well so let hope nothing goes wrong.

Last night my mouldy man came to visit.  Now you all know he has done wonders for me as I was never able to tolerate oral antifungals mainly because I am on so many other medications and they interacted with them.  He changed a few but I was still having problems then I developed heart failure so we gave up with them.  Since I have been on the amber nectar (Fungizone) my asthma has improved and I have been able to reduce my steroids.  Yellow stains everywhere when the contraption leaks but I can breathe!  Well, he said sometimes when you have pseudomonas going on in your lungs as well aspergillosis when the aspergillosis is suppressed for any reason the pseudomonas can flare up.  You all know me and my vivid imagination well I have visions of those horrible pseudo bugs swimming around in that green gunk celebrating because they don’t have to fight for space anymore.  So the job is now to knock the little blighters back.  I am therefore increasing my inhaled antibiotic to 3 times a day and increasing my fungizone to 15mg instead of 10mg.  Hopefully, there will be white flags from both of them in no time.

Now the reason for the song.  Since I have been struggling since the beginning of March with this my oxygen sats drop when exercising. They have been doing little walks with me and today I was told I could go to the gym and attend their exercise class.  They have one in the morning and one in the afternoon.  I was told I could go to the afternoon as they were worried about cross infection.  I was happy no visitors today and the nurses are great with treatment so off I trot at 1.30 and I was the only one there.  I don’t know if they were worried about me giving my bugs to someone or me catching something else.  I must admit the physio was smashing because I am a bit of a wreck.  I managed to walk on the treadmill at a slow pace for 1 minute 51 seconds.  If I had had the puff I would have burst out laughing.  Sat down and did some weights which was quite a bit easier.  Half an hour in the gym and I am a blob in the corner.  Hence I am ‘under pressure’ to sort myself out.

Take care everyone an Happy Easter


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