Here we go again.  As you all know this is my theme song.  I feel I am getting back to grips with things.

Physio this morning.  They have done wonders for me.  The bird machine has helped tremendously and things seemed to be moving easier.  My sputum can be ’50 shades of green’ at the moment and that is the way it is likely to stay.  The most important thing though is I feel better in myself.  I went down to the gym and managed the treadmill today for 2 minutes and 55 seconds.  I really wanted to make the 3 minutes but just couldn’t manage it.  My metal legs don’t help they need WD40 or something.  Another one to one session so thoroughly spoilt.   The nurse knew I wanted to go to the gym and came and did my iv before 1.30.  This place never ceases to amaze me.


This is the view from the fire escape which I have had open all over the weekend.

I had a team of doctors (suggestions please on a name for a group of doctors – perhaps a menage of medics) visit this afternoon as well.  Hubby came up this morning hoping to be here when they came but as they didn’t turn up to 3.30 it was too late.  Anyway, I can go home on Friday afternoon (whoop whoop).  Not sure what is going to happen next as my old friend pseudomonas isn’t going anywhere soon.  Just be glad to get home and get on with my card making I still have 2 orders to complete.

I think they will be glad to get rid of me as everyone that comes into my room gets interrogated.  I had someone come in the other day to change the shower head.  I told him it was fine I didn’t have any problems only to be told they get changed every 2 weeks as they have a filter in them to prevent bugs like pseudomonas and legionnaires.  The whole unit gets thrown away.  Shocked and slightly stunned – never knew something like that existed.

I intend getting the selfie card out tomorrow and trying to get everyone’s photo for the website.  I am sure some will oblige.  Fingers crossed.

The NHS is a wonderful thing.  Unfortunately, I don’t think they can do miracles for me but I will keep working hard at home.  Summer is coming and I have a garden to plan.

Take care everyone. x




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