‘Super Trouper’

To all my mouldy friends that are suffering at the moment a bit of fun.  We are all ‘funguys’ at heart!

Recently there have been quite a few of us suffering so I just wanted you all to know that you are all in my thoughts fighting this awful disease.

Last Sunday I helped my friend celebrate her 60th birthday.  I have known this lovely lady for 43 years and she has always been there for me when needed.  She is like me and has no kids but our nieces and nephews mean the world.  All her family were there and I must say it was the best day ever.  I was chauffeured around and spoilt.  They really are a beautiful family inside and out.  As you all know I find things quite surreal/spooky at times and Sunday was no different.  A couple of my friend’s nieces sing in different choirs.  I was talking to their mum and she told me the names and thought one of them rang a bell.  My nephew (brother’s son) who I have spoken about before, has a lovely girlfriend who sings in a choir.  I got home and checked with my nephew and his partner and guess what they do sing together and live near each other!

We hear a lot of doom and gloom and it was fantastic hearing all the lovely stories from these young people.  They were all there with respective partners absolutely splendiferous day.   Happy Birthday bestie we are lucky with our families.

I have been busy in the garden (well I sit and point to weeds and where I want things planted while my poor hubby does the work).  We have lost a couple of our plants over the winter but the biggest problem and has been killer aphids.  I love lupins and they were covered in white large aphid type things.  Messaged my oracle (horticulturist friend) who said get some ladybirds.  Did that but whilst I waited for them to arrive I tried spraying with washing up liquid.  That got rid of them for about 10 hours but they would appear twitching away up and down the stem.  Asked at the garden centre and was told I needed a bug killer spray.  Dangerous to bees – not doing that – I spend hours watching the bees in my garden.  Climbing into the lupin/snapdragon flowers with their little bum sticking out.  Ladybirds arrived and I did the deed.  They looked quite happy but about 3 hours later I went out and couldn’t find them.  Gone found a couple on my roses but obviously not their taste.  I have given up and bought some new ones.  The one in my garden is okay though.DSC_0012

I am up straight on all my card orders and have taken delivery of the Patient Information Leaflet for Aspergillosis Trust.  I have also set up a page on the website with Useful Links for benefits and support websites.  http://www.aspergillosistrust.org/useful-links/  We are taking but in a Citizen Science project again so if there is anyone out there that would be willing to help please do.



Well, that is another week.  Stay strong everyone and take care. x



4 thoughts on “‘Super Trouper’

  1. Thanks Jill,you’ve given me an idea for my next blog post.😉 The washing up liquid trick does,work on aphids you just have to keep on top of it and spray often,the problem is aphids love Lupins and once they get a hold they can destroy a seasons growth in no time at all.


  2. Always happy to help. I am intrigued now! My poor plants started to wilt and looked so sad I gave up. I am not the best gardener. Everything is a bit random, I see a plant I like and buy it (it must be a bright colour though). Take care.


  3. Jill I love reading your posts and I’m interested in how we describe this thing.
    Is it a disease or a condition? as it seems to be an umbrella term for several things such as ABPA, SAFS, CPA, invasive Aspergilloma and more.

    I wonder how it’s described in the medical books as having Aspergillosis to me is the infection that comes from the disease or conditions we are diagnosed with and the various symptoms.
    I.E. coughing up plugs, blood, nasal Aspergillus, and to many I can’t think of or remember.
    It’s just something that I’m never quite sure how to describe it??

    Sally Xxxx


  4. Thank you Sally. Aspergillosis is a disease but covers all the different forms. ABPA is an allergic reaction to Aspergillus spores and can be called an infection. CPA can form fungal ball (aspergillomas) and cavities which also can be semi invasive. SAFS comes with severe asthma which needs to be controlled with steroids. Then Invasive Aspergillosis which is a more than often fatal. All forms can be treated/controlled but Invasive unless caught early enough is fatal. I sometimes call it a condition but I think disease is probably the best description. You read all the different definitions here https://www.aspergillus.org.uk/content/severe-asthma-fungal-sensitisation-safs


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