‘Pretty Shining People’

I love George Ezra and this video is great.

Another strange week.  I had a coughing fit and something seemed to go snap in my back.  Definitely muscle as it was really painful when I moved.  Relieved as I have been known to break ribs when coughing.  This happened during my evening session on my nebuliser and physio so I couldn’t get comfortable for the rest of the evening.  I took one of my painkillers, which are really good but they do make me a bit doolally.  I don’t seem to sleep just have strange dreams.  So real I sometimes feel did that really happen.  I lay in my reclining chair in the spare bedroom inspecting the inside of my eyelids having these vivid dreams and in the end, I decided I would go into my craft room and do some bits.  Once they had kicked in I went to bed and had a good nights sleep.  Woke up still very sore but felt I couldn’t take one of the happy pills again as I can’t function very well.  I just took a couple of paracetamols and they took the edge off.

Later in the week hubby finished the garden for me (under my expert guidance of course).  He has done a lovely job I now have a great place to sit and bee watch or read my latest thriller, the brilliant Stuart MacBride.DSC_0016


The tree peony was an impulse buy.  I can hear all you clever gardeners screeching.  I did not realise there were different sorts.  My dad was a brilliant gardener, real green fingers and we had peonies all down one flower bed in the front garden.  I saw it and thought I would give it a go.  My gardening is see something I like then ask hubby to plant it.  We also had a monkey puzzle tree out the front of the house as well (I won’t be buying one of them).

Nothing much else has happened.  I have been trying to concentrate on me for a while as so much has happened to me healthwise recently I feel I have to get my head together and learn to cope and accept the changes.  One good thing though Aspergillosis Trust has now got their own Patient Information Leaflet and I will be taking a batch up to Brompton Hospital on the 12th June when I go and see my mouldy man.  I hope in the near future to contact other hospitals/Respiratory Consultants ask them to use them.  All these things help spread awareness.


Before I go at a good friend of my is in hospital again with a collapsed lung so I am adding another video of a George Ezra song just because I love his videos and she is a lover of music and books like me.  Get Well Soon – you know who you are. x

Take care. x


2 thoughts on “‘Pretty Shining People’

  1. I’m glad it was a muscular pull rather than a broken rib, we all know how painful those can be.This illness thing really is no fun. My best wishes got out to you know who as well as to yourself.
    Take care..
    P.s I love Tree peonies but my soil is not conducive to growing them well.


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