‘All The Fun of the Fair’

We have our village fair on the 15th June.  It is going to be bigger and better this year.  My hubby took some bits down to the organiser this morning as they required full bottles and bric a brac for the stalls.  Our local Veterinary Surgery are always there and are supporting the event. They are sponsoring the dog show which is always popular.  Kelperland used to look after my faithful friend (and me) and even though I am not well enough to have another dog they hold a special space in my heart. I always used to walk down to the fair but have not been able to for the past couple of years but I can hear the music playing and all the cheering.  It is lovely when the village gets together.

131514_183505781659870_4519401_o (1)            62012438_1221817201332400_3993228298514595840_n

Our animal friends can get Aspergillosis and we have a couple of dog supporters on our Wall of Fame.  https://aspergillosistrust.org/our-supporters-gallery/

I have a busy week next week, I have to go for blood tests then I am off to Brompton on Wednesday to see my mouldy man.  I am doing okay but I must say I do have some difficult days and they do come more often now.  Age probably doesn’t help.  I will be taking up a supply of the Patient Information Leaflet and will try and get some of the wards to display them.  My consultant will be taking a wodge which hopefully patients newly diagnosed will find helpful.


So 2 days next week I am seeing doctors/nurses and not sure what else I will do as I think it is going to turn cold again.  I can see me sitting in the garden, that my hubby has put so much effort into, with a thick coat on!  I will have to see how I am as I try and do something enjoyable every week so I feel my health does not govern everything.

One of my neighbours took me out for lunch on Friday which was lovely.  Time is the best gift anybody can give in my view.

Take care everyone. x



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