‘English Country Garden’

Another week goes by and lots have been happening.

The weather has been atrocious so that has stopped me doing my usual walk as I am slow and get wet.  I hate walking with my hood up as it hinders my view of things.

I had my appointment with my mouldy man though.  Had to go early as we had no parking space this time so we would have to drive around.  Managed to get a space at the back of the hospital thankfully but it was £15 for 4 hours (needs must).  Anyway, when I got to the ward it looked busy.  My doctor had a helper which was good because sometimes he is on his own.  He saw me and I handed him the Patient Information Leaflets – he said he had to go and see a couple of patients downstairs but would be back to see me.  Now I thought am I honoured or is there something wrong.  Guess what I now have two strains of Aspergillus, flavus and fumigatus in my lungs.  Fumigatus is sensitive to Fungizone but flavus isn’t.  They are both sensitive to Itraconazole but I can’t tolerate that.  Then he told me that I am also growing mycobacterium abscessus and pseudomonas as well.  My last five sputum samples have shown this.  The pseudomonas is nothing new and I have been treating that for years but the other one is new.  He wanted me to start some treatment but felt I should be seen by an expect.  So I am now seeing a wheezy man, mouldy man and a bug man thankfully all at the same hospital.  I am therefore waiting for an appointment.  The treatment for my aspergillus will depend on what treatment is given for the bug.  All very confusing so I came away feeling a bit shell shocked and have left it in the capable hands of my mouldy man who I know will let me know in due course.  He loved the PIL’s though!


The Holyport Fair went off okay – the weather was good.  Hubby went down and bought me back lunch.  There was a hog roast and it was still warm by the time he got home.  The Holyport tug of war team won their competition which is only right as it was the home team (not biased at all).

On Sunday evening we had a knock at the door.  It was one of our local Parish Councillers.   We have been nominated for a Garden In Bloom Award.

DSC_0020 (1)

I tell you with my blog last week praising hubby then this his head is getting so big.  It is well deserved really he has worked hard this year to give me a lovely colourful garden.

I think I am going to make a rosette with ‘Lungs in bloom’ on with the amount of organic material growing in mine I will be a great contender for that one.

Well onwards and upwards.  I am going to spend the rest of the day card making need to build my Christmas card stock up – not long now!

Take care. xx


2 thoughts on “‘English Country Garden’

  1. That’s brilliant news, congratulate hubby for me,I’m glad the village fair went off well especially with the grin weather that has been around.I hope your mouldy man manages to find something to sort out those two fungi. The AT needs you to be as fit as you can be! XX


  2. Thanks Cliff. I was dead jealous when I saw the lovely pictures you posted of those lupins. My favs. He has done not bad I think now he has retired he is enjoying it now I think it was a chore before. I hope my doctor does something soon. I am not too bad but know I am not right. Hope you are doing okay. xx


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