‘Things Can Only Get Better’

This week my song is a tribute to my partner in crime at Aspergillosis Trust who is having intravenous treatment for her Aspergillosis.   Just wanted her to know that I am thinking of her.  Life with this illness is bad enough but daily treatments intravenously can be tiring let alone trying to tolerate the toxic drugs.  Fingers crossed it is worth the pain and discomfort and she will be back on form soon.  Big hugs.  (Professor Brian Cox plays keyboards on this track – looks better now than then).

I have been plodding along as best as I can this past week.  Went out for lunch with a friend on Friday as it was her birthday.  It was great, we had a good old gossip and put the world to right (shame no one else was listening).  On Friday I took part in the Summer Soilstice as it is more and more people are finding their Aspergillosis is resistant to antifungal drugs.jen

Hubby went fishing at the weekend as I wanted to watch the tennis.  I love Formula 1 racing and tennis so I tend to take over the telly when important matches/races are on.  Andy Murray back at the tennis was fantastic and Feliciano Lopez winning the singles and doubles was amazing.  Then Lewis Hamilton won the French Grand Prix and the English Women’s Football team won their match.  So it was a good day yesterday.

I have heard nothing from Brompton.  Not even a letter for my routine appointment.  Looked at my emails on Saturday and saw one from my mouldy man and thought ‘Eureka’ but no he was asking me to help him with something.  I am more than happy to help where Aspergillosis is concerned so even though disappointed it was not about some treatment,  I replied and offered my help.  I decided to phone today and see what had happened to my appointment and it has not been done.  The bit of paper that gets filled in seems to be lost.  I handed it to the ward clerk but obviously, nothing else happened.  The secretary I spoke to said she would look into it and chase up the other appointment as well.  My GP also phoned me to check up on me.  I am on this list of chronically ill patients now and apparently, that means I get a phone call every 6 weeks if I haven’t been into the surgery.  I explained everything that had happened and I just got ‘well you know where we are if you need us’.

If I feel able tomorrow we are going out looking for a couple of bits of furniture.  We want a nice unit to store our LP’s in.  I feel a bit of disappointment coming on but who knows.  I am sure we will disagree as we may like the same music we tend to have different tastes in furniture.  Shops beware!

Be careful all you people with duff lungs the weather won’t be on our side for the next few days.

Take care. x





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