‘Busy Doing Nothing’

There is another version but I prefer this one!

Not totally true but I have been watching the telly a bit.  Football, F1, Glastonbury and now tennis.  Then I have my other favourite pastime bee watching.  Thoroughly enjoyed Glastonbury this year.  A few of my favourites George Ezra of course, Lumineers, The Killers to name a few.

I was outside this evening with a glass of wine watching them.  Earlier on I was sitting getting my vitamin D reading.  I recently finish Stuart MacBride’s latest All That’s Dead.  Brilliant.  I am reading an Inspector Maigret book now.

I have managed to do some bits and pieces in between.  We went shopping and couldn’t find the storage we wanted for our LP’s (vinyl records) but came back for a new corner unit for our TV, a new vacuum cleaner, steak knives and an electric fan.  Bonkers!  The new unit turned up yesterday and I must say it does look good so well pleased.

I have also written a begging email for money for Aspergillosis Trust so we can get organised for World Aspergillosis Day 2020.  We have some plans already which is good, hopefully, we can sort everything out early so it is not a mad rush.  I have also been trying to get some cards made, mainly Christmas ones, so I have a good stock when the orders start.  Not easy thinking of snowy scenes when the sun is out but I am managing.  It is less than 6 months now.  I have had to do a report as well on how well we are doing so I have been busy (I think).

There is a fundraiser at the moment on our website.  Three lovely young men are cycling from Lands End to John O’Groats to raise money for AT.  The start on 6th July.  Good Luck Andy David and John


Still don’t know what is happening with all my bugs and mould but I am not feeling too bad so I will carry on.  I suppose part of me doesn’t want anything else to deal with but when it does I will have to.

Tomorrow I am going out again – don’t know where but I have had a couple of days in so want to enjoy the weather as at the moment it is not too bad.  It wasn’t very pleasant on Saturday I live in Berkshire and the temperature reached 33.9 so I was a blob on a chair then.  Us people with duff lungs have to make the best of things when they can.

Well off to plug into the old nebuliser now and take the amber nectar as well as all the rest.

Take care. x





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