‘The Pushbike Song’

Well they did it.  John, Andy and David finished their challenge to cycle from Land’s End to John O’Groats, raising a phenomenal amount of money for their chosen charities.  At the last count they had raised £5192 for the Balerno High School Tanzania Project and £6607.50 for Aspergillosis Trust.

We are so grateful to them and their support team.  A mahoosive Thank You from everybody at Aspergillosis Trust this money will help the Fungal Infection Trust with funding research and better treatments for this horrendous disease.

I have received my appointments to see the bug man now so I have 4 hospital appointments now in August.  So I think not much else will be going on in that month I will be so exhausted travelling to London and back.  It is good though as hopefully I will get things sorted or at least start some treatment.  It is so tiring coughing up nasty muck all the time.  I am fortunate that I have no problem doing my lung clearance in the morning but I do feel shattered afterwards.  If I don’t do it though I am so breathless and cough throughout the day – I look at it as a good excuse to sit in the garden and bee watch with a cuppa.  In the winter it is sitting in a comfy chair and reading a good thriller!

I am meeting up with a good friend who I met through the support groups on Monday.  She lives in Birmingham and comes down to my neck of the woods every so often to see and friend and we meet at a lovely place in Nettlebed.  They do lovely lunches, cakes, as well as coffee and the bread is to die for.  Always take a loaf home.  (Little things!)

I am doing okay with my cards building up a stock so I am quite pleased with myself.

I have one piece of sad news.  A friend of mine who I knew through the Apergillosis Support groups and subsequently met frequently, lost her battle against this awful disease.  I will really miss her.  Even with all her struggles she had a great sense of humour and kept fighting.  She is free of her pain now which is a little comfort but will be sorely missed by a lot of people.  The support groups have been her lifeline as she became housebound and lost touch with a lot of her friends through this illness.  Anyone with a chronic illness I would encourage you to find a group and join they can be a lifeline and (I can only speak of ours) a font of all knowledge from fellow sufferers and professionals.

Take care everyone. x

Another tribute to John, Andy and David


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