‘The Heat Is On’

In more ways than one.

I think I melted yesterday and have congealed back together in a strange way!  Hubby and me have been trying to do bits early in the mornings and then being couch potatoes in the afternoon with curtains drawn and fans on.  We watched the Chernobyl miniseries

It is brilliant.  Probably not the best viewing when in a heatwave.  We also watched Captain Marvel (have to have a bit of silliness) as well as a very sad film Five Feet Apart

This is about Cystic Fibrosis which is a very life changing illness and shortens life.

No excuse now though it is getting cooler so I must get on.  I met a good friend who I mentioned last week for lunch.  We both had salmon, cucumber and rocket sandwiches (very summer) but they weren’t the finger sandwiches you associate with that filling they were doorsteps!  We fought our way through them though.  Enough smoked salmon to make 50 blinis!  She also took my stock of Christmas cards to sell for Aspergillosis Trust so I am now busy again.  I have also packed up posters and patient information leaflets.  Two hospitals requested the leaflets and then some for GP surgeries with posters.  GP’s understanding this illness is so important so there is an early diagnosis.  Being started on the correct treatment as soon as possible makes so much difference.  Then as patients, we need constant monitoring as these treatments can stop working and/or become quite toxic and build up in the liver.

If anyone wants any of these items please contact me at jill@aspergillosistrust.org.

My temperature went up today – not too high but 37.48 – hoping it is just a blip as I want to hang on till I see this new bug man on 5th August.  Sputum hasn’t changed (mushy peas) but the quantity has gone up.  Back to tiring lung clearance methinks!

I did try and get tickets today for George Ezra today but gave up quite quickly when I was 3360 in the queue!  Not sure how many the Royal Albert Hall holds but I thought chances are I wouldn’t get them.

Plans for the weekend is card making.  I have just treated myself to a new electric die cutting machine.  I get too puffed with the manual one now.  Hubby asked me how much it cost when it arrived.  It is a big flash but will make life so much easier so can’t wait to have a good play at the weekend.

Take care everyone and stay cool and keep hydrated. x



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