‘End Of The Line’

So much talent in that one room.  I love The Traveling Wilburys.  In my youth, I had a boyfriend who looked like Tom Petty and he played the guitar which was a Gibson Les Paul Gold Top.  He played in a band called Close Shave which came about because my landlord was visiting my flat for a check and his razor was on the sink.  The landlord didn’t notice so the name was born.  It was a flat above a bank (they were my landlords) and we weren’t supposed to have people stay over.  I know  Bob Dylan is a marmite type person but I think he is great.  Wait until Christmas everyone I will be using Bob then!

August has arrived and the appointments begin.  First tomorrow my bone man

skeleton-sculpture-investment-4I think I am okay.  I haven’t broken anything this year, well I tell a lie a couple of coffee mugs.  Then on Monday I have 2 appointments at Brompton (my Chelsea Residence) one with my bug man.


The first one is Pseudomonas and the second is Mycobacterium Abscessus.  Wrong colour I know but the first one looks like grains of psychedelic rice and the second blue Wotsits (other savoury snacks are available.

After I have seen him I am off to Physio.  I think it is the norm for new patients to be seen by them but they know me so I think we will do some lung clearance and have a good chat!


They don’t do the percussion anymore but that is what used to happen.

I then have my diabetic check, another trip to London for lung function tests and then to top off the same week I have my breast cancer screening to go to (boob squashing).  Then the following week back to Brompton for my results of lung function and to see my wheezy man.

398px-Virtual.marian_normal_and_asthmatic_lungsDepending on the results of everything I will hopefully know what my muddle of medics can do to help.  Roll on the end of August.  I don’t like wishing my life away but it isn’t going to be the most exciting month.

I have been making Christmas cards and I must admit I am doing quite well.  If anyone wants any awareness items for Aspergillosis please go to the website https://aspergillosistrust.org/awareness-goods/ we have a lovely selection of items and be prepared for new items soon!

I forgot to mention that in between all the appointments it will be our wedding anniversary so I hope I will be up to going out for a meal.  Need to have time for each other with all of this going on.  One good thing going up to London 3 times means I can sample some more of Hummingbird Bakery delights!

Take care. x

A tribute to George – spot the stars in this video and George Harrison’s son.

8 thoughts on “‘End Of The Line’

  1. Good luck with all the August appointments,it must be a right pain traipsing up to that there London for all those visits,I complained about going to my local hospital 3 times in a week and I can walk there.Good Luck.


    1. It is but I am hoping this is a one off. It is just because they have found other things wrong so they all want to see me and then discuss the best treatment. When it has been settled I think it will be easier. Hubby hates going up to London so I think he will have a few more grey hairs at the end of August!

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  2. Just found your blog on WordPress from Aspergillosis fab secret page support group. Good to see you, and what a lot you do have on. I make a list, do my best to get through it.
    Appointments are a priority always.
    Also make cards n craft books.


    1. Lovely to hear from you. Having a hobby really does help. Hope you are stable with your illness and coping well. We have support groups and a patient run website. Also a weekly Zoom meeting where we talk to each other and there is usually someone there we can ask questions. Take care and thank you for your comments.


  3. Love reading these Jill and I’ve had the muddle of medics in July.
    I applaud your positivity and I’m so aware that it’s so much better to be like this.
    I am sadly the polar opposite, but I can’t just start thinking positively and feel so angry and frustrated, only at myself!
    Angry at not being able to walk even 10feet due to this severe asthma and breathlessness, and the unbelievable pain in my knees which are totally worn out.
    I remember the days of the Bay City rollers and The Osmonds like it was yesterday, love seeing them on TV, and now all I keep thinking about is I need to find a surgeon to operate to walk those 10feet.
    I wish I had the Dr’s that know me and wish they’d communicate and think holistically about the conditions that are interrelated.
    Thank you for making me smile ☺ and think of being that wild child I once was. X


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