‘With a Little Help From My Friends’

It has been a busy week again.

Monday the cupboards were bare so we got up early to go food shopping as I had my diabetic check at 11.00.  Sailed through Sainsbury’s they had everything we wanted and a few extra bits.  We got home with about 20 minutes to spare so had a quick drink and was off again.  Got to the surgery to be told the appointment was cancelled and they had left a message.  Well I hadn’t checked my mobile or landline so missed it.  The only appointment they had was this Monday and I will be going to Brompton so I am not changing that.  I was told they only do diabetic checks on Mondays so the earliest one after that was the 6th Sept.  I got home told hubby and he went to put it on the calendar.  Guess what the 6th Sept is not a Monday.  I was a bit shattered and just wanted to sit.  Hubby offered to phone so the appointment now is the 16th September.

Tuesday I was in, thank goodness and my friend came around for coffee and offered to come with me to Brompton the next day.  She is the lovely lady that took me to Bracknell the other week.  The Brompton appointment was for lung function which I hate but it gave Martin a break as he hates going up to London or me driving in London not sure which!


Off we went early on Wednesday morning in the rain.  Not a bad trip up there.  All the allocated parking spaces for Brompton outpatients had been reserved so I needed to find a space.  It is usually not too bad as there are other disabled parking bays around the hospital and loads of other spaces which used to be meters.  I have got used to these pay by phone areas now.  Managed to park in Foulis Terrace which is opposite the main entrance with time to space.  Guess what, checked in to be told the appointment had been cancelled – apparently by me!  So I asked when I had rebooked it for – again I was surprised – the 16th September.  I explained politely that I didn’t and why would I if the results were needed for my appointment on the 19th August also why did I not receive a letter.  The receptionist phoned the senior technician who I think told her to send me home as I heard her say ‘I can’t do that D……, she is right in front of me and Prof Menzies Gow wants it done by Monday’ she then said there was a slot at 11 could she put me in there.  I had found my letter and showed her my appointment was 11 so she told me to take a seat and wait.  This lovely young man came to see me and said that he was going to weigh me and take my height as they could not find the form from Prof so they were not sure what he wanted.  Two minutes later he said they only wanted 1 test.  Did that and went to sit down while it was being checked.  He came back and said sorry Prof had been in touch with 3 other tests he wanted doing.  So in the end I was there for over an hour. I got back to the car with 1 minute left to spare and exhausted!  All done and a pierced ear to show for it.  All worked out fine, thank you the kind receptionist.

This week’s song is because we have been talking about the support groups during our Zoom meeting.  We all deal with our illnesses in different ways.  Coming to terms with the fact that you have a chronic illness which will not get better and is life changing is very difficult.  Then there is the problem of explaining to family and friends how it makes us feel.  It can be embarrassing having choking coughing fits, being breathless and cancelling things because you are so tired.  Putting on a front to keep going all the time.



The support groups are great though because you can talk to people that understand and encourage you and help as much as they can.  I understand it is not for everyone but something like Aspergillosis, it being a rare disease, meeting people that have the same problem just helps and they just get it.  I have lost touch which people as I just can’t go out as much as I used to and it gets to the point the invitations just stop coming.  No one is to blame it just happens.  Fact of life.  I am lucky having hubby but there are quite a few that are living on their own.  Family are around but we all accept they have their own lives and don’t want to be a burden.  It can be tough.

One more appointment to go – back to Brompton on Monday then I am free until the middle of September  – hip hip hooray.



By the way Christmas is coming – buy your stocking fillers at http://www.aspergillosistrust.org/awareness-goods/  We have a great selection of items.

Take care. x


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