‘Little Bit of Love’

The weather is going to be good this weekend so I thought I would bring a bit of Hawaii to my blog.

I live near Windsor and it is Polo season at the moment.  We have lots of stables around us where the Polo ponies are fed and watered.  Well in our road we have this house which is rented out to different people each year when the season is on.  The lady who owns it is heavily involved with Polo.  This year we have had a lovely family staying.  Mum, dad and 3 children from Argentina.  Dad looks after the horses and trains them, the eldest son plays Polo and the two other children are just teenagers.  Hubby invited them over for a drink on Saturday evening.  Before they arrived I was looking through my music so I could have something playing in the background which was not too loud.  I forgot I had a couple of Jack Johnson albums so out them came with James Taylor.  We had a lovely evening and I learnt so much about Polo.  It is so strange when you think it all goes on just down the road.  Also learnt that during the week it is not expensive to take the car down to the club and watch with a picnic.  We might do that next year.  The season is nearly over so they will be going back home.  They travel the world to play Polo but we only see clips when the royals are there.  Strange.


After the lovely weekend, I had my last hospital appointment for a while (Hooray).  Good trip up there, no real queues.  It really does make a difference during the summer school holidays.  Parked easily and was early.  I thought I would be waiting for ages but they seemed to be on the ball on Monday.  Prof M…… G.. was there with the registrar that I know but I got called in by another doctor.  I think I did okay – lovely man.  Monday mornings are the severe asthma clinic but as you know I wanted to ask some questions about my bugs.  Dr called me in I said to him sorry but you got the short straw today seeing me as I have some questions.  He said lets start with your asthma.  He was pleased with me and apparently my lung function tests had only decreased slightly in the past year.  I have been on 10 mg of prednisolone now for a year so wanted to decrease it some more if possible.  He agreed I could but by 1mg every month.  If I am okay I can continue to lower 1mg monthly but not go lower than 5mg.  Once you get to 5mg other tests have to be done.Prednisolone

He then mentioned my last sputum which I did 2 weeks previous as I said I was feeling full again and getting tired trying to keep my lungs clear.  I wasn’t sure what antibiotic I could have as the bug doctor wanted to keep some in reserve for the mycobacterium.  Thankfully he said he knew a little about bugs and said it would be okay having Cipro as it usually does the trick for me.  Hate it though as I have to reduce my Phyllocontin when I am on it so my breathing is worse so I have to wait until I have finished the course of antibiotics before reducing my steroids.  All very complicated.  He made me feel so much better about everything that is going on at the moment and will write to my ‘muddle of medics’ to let them know what was discussed.  Thankfully they are all under the same roof so it is easier.  On the way out I passed one of the Aspergillosis Trust posters on the wall.  Thank you for your support Brompton.


Already feeling my breathless from reducing my Phyllocontin so my old faithful nebuliser is getting used more.

At the weekend we will be celebrating my brother in law’s birthday and my lovely family are all coming over to our neck of the woods to save me from driving.  I am really looking forward to it.  Seeing my nephews and their partners as well as my sister and her husband.  We will be dining in Marlow, lovely place, but will probably be heaving as it is by the river and the weather brings everyone out.  Still can’t wait – I will cope.  I will plug in before I go to give the lungs a bit of a boost.

Other than that I have been sending out Aspergillosis Trust awareness items and cards.  All up straight again but I know I have a big order coming.

Another Jack Johnson song before I go – just because.  Lovely song and video to boot.

Take care. x


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