‘Stand By Me’

Another week has gone by and I have been trying to be good and stay in so these antibiotics work.  Not convinced, I am still coughing up green sludge but I am not falling asleep every five minutes so something is helping me.

I have had one trip out.  It was my brother in laws 70th birthday.  My nephews and their respective partners along with my sister and her husband came over near to me to celebrate.  It was lovely.  We ate at a great little Italian restaurant in Marlow.  It was very hot on Saturday but the restaurant was very comfortable.  It was just lovely seeing everyone.

I hadn’t told my family everything that has been going on.  I don’t know if anyone else feels the same way but sometimes it is difficult.  I do like to come to terms with things myself and make sure hubby is okay with everything before I tell them.  I know I will get phone calls so we both need to be strong to answer any questions and explain everything.  I don’t know if they knew already but something tells me they did.  They might read my blog and not said anything to me.  If that is the case ‘Hi’ to my family!  Love you all.

I have had a busy week even though I haven’t been out.  We have a lot of birthdays in August and September so I have been busy making special cards.  I have also heard from one of my old friends that she is getting married to her partner. They have been together for yonks and have decided to tie the knot.  I want to be able to take part in the party on the 8th September so fingers crossed.  I have also been busy with orders.  More Aspergillosis Trust awareness items have gone out.  We have had some fantastic donations as well.  I have had a large card order as well so that will keep me busy.


Hubby is off fishing tomorrow so I will get cracking with my card making.

My song this week is for all my friends that are going through a hard time at the moment.  Just know that ‘a problem shared is a problem halved’.  I know I use this blog to chat to you all and sort things in my head it helps me,  I also hear my dad saying to me ‘catch yourself on’, but a few people this week have had some rotten stuff to deal with – not all health related and I hope I have helped in some way.  We all need a sounding board sometimes.  Stay strong. x

It is a bit cooler and my breathing is easier so I intend to try and relax and enjoy the weekend as best as I can.  I am enjoying my new book – it is a trilogy and I have found the other 2 books second hand on the internet.  That is me sorted whilst doing my nebuliser every morning and evening.


Then I have my card making and plenty to catch up with on the telly.   Next week I will have to get my brain in gear to sort out some more Aspergillosis Trust stuff.  I have a few raffle prizes now so that is good but I want more (greedy or what!) so more letter writing methinks.

I will sign off now and hopefully, I will have something exciting to say next week when I have finished these horrible tablets and I can start taking my phyllocontin again.

Take care. x


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