‘Days Like This’

I just love Van the Man.  His dulcet tones and jazzy tunes.

I think I have my mojo back.  Now I am back on my asthma medication I am feeling a lot better.  On Monday I was feeling very yukky on the antibiotics so got an urgent appointment to see GP.  Took hubby with me as I wanted my doctor to meet him as I want them to talk to him if I feel really rough.  Best thing I ever did.  I don’t use my mobile much as I am at home 90% of the time and just feel how many ways do people need to get in touch with me.  I spend most of my time in my little craft room.  I have my laptop in there and a landline.  I have email, messenger and landline – that is enough.  The mobile is switched on when I walk out the door.  On Tuesday I got a phone call (landline) to see my GP.  Well as I said I saw her the day before.  This new appointment was for a medication review – so I booked one for 26th September.  The next day I was asked to take a photo of something so I turned on my mobile to do that.  My phone burps when I have a text which always makes hubby jump (love it!) it was a text saying I have an appointment on 6th September.  I thought perhaps in my druggy state I had made a mistake.  I have asked them not to use mobile for appointments as I don’t always have the mobile phone on.  Hubby went down to sort it out for me.  The appointment on the 6th was a GP checkup after my diabetic assessment with the nurse, which I don’t have till the 16th September.  They are trying to send me mad.  It wouldn’t take much these days.  So thankfully I have no appointment tomorrow and already having a voice to help has paid off!

Managed to do much more since I have stopped the antibiotics so hopefully, I will feel good for a while.

Aspergillosis Trust will be holding a raffle which will be drawn on World Aspergillosis Day on 27th February 2020 so I have been writing to people and places for prizes.  We have a fantastic Patron – Dr Emily Grossman.  Since the birth of Aspergillosis Trust she has been with us.  She helped when we tried to be a charity partner with the Met Office as we wanted them to mention fungal spore counts as well as pollen in their broadcasts.  Sadly that did not come about.  She let us put a picture of her on the back of London buses for WAD this year aspergillosis poster + FIT logo1 JPEGNow she has donated a signed copy of her book with a fantastic inscription for our raffle.

I received it the other day and had a good look at it (trying not to bend the pages) and I have a scientist nephew (he is 32) and he will be getting one for Christmas.  I am called the silly aunty but I think he will learn some things from this book!  It is in all good bookshops now.

Aspergillosis Trust will be represented at Rare Summit in Cambridge on 23rd September so things were needed for that.  Well with the help of my AT friends all the proofs have been approved and ordered.  Watch this space.  We have a leaflet about AT and there will be badges and pens to add to our stash of goodies all ready for Christmas.  There will also be a calendar.  We also have The Velvet Easel Gallery helping us this year.  £1 from the sale of their calendar will be donated to Aspergillosis Trust.  If you are passing the gallery go in and get one.  The gallery is amazing and it is owned by a fantastic artist who sent me one of most treasured possessions.  https://velveteasel.co.uk/




On top of all this, I have 2 card orders to complete.  If I feel not too bad tomorrow I am going out in the morning to have a coffee with my hubby at our favourite garden centre then I am coming back to get card making.

We had a very good Zoom meeting today but I will leave that to another day as I have to start taking all my nebuliser treatments now.

Take care. x


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