‘That’s What Friends Are For’

There are times when even though things aren’t really improving something clicks and life becomes easier.

I am coughing up nasty sputum again and back on antibiotics.  I managed for 14 days.  I think I am getting used to it.  I am not going out much which is a shame as the weather has been glorious but I have been very creative at home.  It is just so tiring trying to keep my lungs clear.  I was a bit rough at the weekend with pain so arranged for my shopping to be delivered on Monday.  Early in the morning, I received an email saying everything was available (which makes a change especially for a Monday).  I made an emergency appointment with GP as I only had 5 days of my rescue antibiotics and hubby would wait in for the food.  Just as I was about to go out the door the phone rang and it was Sa……… saying that one of their drivers was off sick we could either pick it up or they would try and deliver it tomorrow (Tuesday).  In the end hubby came with me to docs and then we went to the supermarket to collect the shopping.   That has been the only blip this week thank goodness.

The National Aspergillosis Centre in Manchester run a Zoom meeting every Thurs morning from 11.00 to 12.00 and last week we had a physio talking to us and answering questions.  The support and help I get from these chats help me so much so a big Thank You to all the regulars at the meeting, newbies and of course Wythenshawe Hospital.

As I said before the weather has been great even though it is a bit autumnal in the mornings.  There is an awful lot in my garden dying but to my surprise my delphiniums seem to be getting another spurt of growth.  Beautiful.

Aspergillosis Trust will be represented at RAREsummit19 on 23rd September which is very exciting.  rarecambridge

A fantastic poster has been made and there will be patients stories as well as awareness merchandise.  Hopefully it will help with our fight.

Scan_20190904That is one of the reasons it has been so busy we have been organising leaflets. stories, posters as well as our merchandise which is available at http://www.aspergillosistrust.org/awareness-goods/   I still have not finished my card orders but hopefully this weekend I will catch up.

So there you go another week.  I seem to have been busy but not up to going out and about.  That is why this song springs to mind!

Take care. x

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