‘Adventure of a Lifetime’

This is very apt this week.  Aspergillosis Trust was represented at their first conference/meeting.  We are getting our message across about this horrendous illness.  On top of that, the video is a bit of fun.  I was at boarding school and it just reminded me of my nickname ‘Mitch the Monkey’!  My maiden name was Mitchison.  I still get called Mitch by people that have known me since the beginning of time!

I am very pleased with myself this week as even though my infection is really giving me a bad time I have managed to do so much.  I haven’t been out for the past 2 weeks except to doctors.  I had my diabetic check which was good.  Lovely being told things are okay for a change.  So even though I have the occasional piece of cake I am doing okay.  Blood pressure – tick.  Kidneys – tick.  Cholesterol – tick.  The AT and NAC teams managed to get everything ordered and organised for the RARESummit19.  I have completed and posted a big order and nearly finished another.  One more to go.

Weather has been awful so I probably wouldn’t have gone far anyway.  When you walk with crutches and are slow it is no fun when it is pouring with rain.  So I have been enjoying making cards, listening to music and reading.  Hubby and me tend to watch films most evenings.  Watched the new Aladdin the other day.  I enjoyed it.  I have liked all the remakes, Jungle Book and Dumbo.  Then there are my books.  It is Dean Koontz at the moment

Prodigal Son (Dean Koontz’s Frankenstein, Book 1) by [Koontz, Dean]I have recently ordered a new book about a killer fungus (whats not to love) so I am all ready for those horrible windy rain filled days.  Sitting in a chair with my slanket around my legs reading with a cuppa nearby.

We have lots of lovely awareness items on the website now and the calendars will be available soon.  http://www.aspergillosistrust.org/awareness-goods/  If anybody wants Christmas cards as well it is never to early to order.

As I said I really haven’t done much so it is a short blog but things are not too bad so I am plodding on.

Take care. x


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