‘Simple Man’

I know everyone will be shouting at this blog when they read it but it has to be mentioned.  Yes, Christmas!

I have a friend who I have known since I was a teenager.  He is married with two lovely girls and lives in France now.  Well, they will be over for a visit during half term.  We had a skype conversation today and we talked about crimble pressies.  Just because we both are mean when it comes to posting things.  When asked I always say bubble bath as I find nothing better than having a soak in a bubbly bath, listening to music, to ease my aching metal legs.  I always get moaned at but I have a theory if I tell everyone that way I am stocked for the year!

Today I had my flu vaccine.  Hubby has it as well as he is my carer.  My GP surgery didn’t have the vaccine for under 65’s so my local chemist did it for us.  Brilliant service.  Probably takes a bit longer as there is a lot of form filling to be done but its over and done with for another year and hopefully will keep us flu free.  I think I have been having them for about 30 odd years and I can honestly say I have only had flu once.  Ended up in hospital so don’t want that again.  Was given Tamiflu not sure if it helped but not a nice experience.

Aspergillosis Trust is now selling its 2020 calendar.  Go to http://www.aspergillosistrust.org/awareness-goods/ and order we have some great stylus pens as well.  Lovely Christmas gifts.  (You will be getting this for the next couple of months be warned).

Please don’t forget your Christmas cards as well.

Aspergillosis Trust will also be represented at The Manchester Rare Disease Showcase https://www.findacure.org.uk/event/the-manchester-rare-disease-showcase/ on the 8th October.   We will continue our fight to spread awareness about this awful disease.

Personal note I am feeling not too bad at the moment.  Still producing loads of sputum but I am either getting used to it or perhaps it is getting better.  I do have a niggly ache on my right side but to be honest I just want to try and enjoy things for a little while without having to take any more strong antibiotics.

Take care everyone. x




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