‘London’s Calling’ (Again)

This video is very apt because I have had to go up to London again but this time I was in my comfort zone.  I had to go back up to my Chelsea Residence (Royal Brompton Hospital).  Also, this video is recorded in the rain.  It doesn’t seem to have stopped raining for weeks.

In the road directly behind Brompton there are a few allocated parking spaces and if you are lucky you can reserve one.  I am usually quite lucky and get a space but as this was the last moment CT Scan appointment they had all gone.  The lovely lady from the Transport Office said that if I went around the back and there were 2 spaces available I could take one.  Well, we did go around the back and there weren’t any spaces available so we parked on the road. There you have to ring and pay to park.  I always find these things quite weird as after you have gone through all the bits and pieces the call finishes with ‘You are parked’.

Went into the hospital and I was early there were a couple of people waiting before me.  I was called straight away.  I looked a the technician a bit shocked and he said – it is okay they are aware, we are waiting for their consultant to write a prescription for the injection – so I went in and had my scan and was on my home within 30 minutes.  Missed a heavy shower as well.

I am feeling a bit better.  My mouldy man has increased my inhaled antibiotics to 3 times a day and I think it is helping.  I managed to go out for a mosey around a garden centre and have a cup of coffee with hubby.  Bought my first Christmas pressie.  It is the first time I have gone out and I can honestly say I felt not too bad afterwards.  The next day my metal legs felt like they needed some WD40 on them but hopefully, as I feel better I can do more and that will get easier.

My book this week is Magpie Murders.  Thoroughly enjoying it and nice easy read.

Hubby asks me every year what I want for Christmas and my birthday.  I am a Sagittarius so they are near to each other.  This year I have drawn up a list of books I want to read and a silk scarf.  We have someone who helps all of us mouldy people on the support groups and he mentioned that a 100% silk scarf would be useful to help us by stopping fungal spores and bugs when we breathe in if they are worn over our nose and mouth.  I have warned hubby he needs to dig deep to get me a really nice one!


I am now taking Colomycin 3 times a day like I mentioned hence all the books.  I do not understand the science but I have really been struggling with bugs.  I know they cannot kill them off so the idea is to keep them at bay as much as possible.  It can be a bit of a rigmarole as I have to organise my day so I can take it with at least 4 hours between.  Being retired I tend to go with the flow during the day.  I have learnt over the years keep myself busy on good days but if the body feels tired have a rest, relax, read or watch a film.  I will get used to it.

Feeling better I have been able to do quite a bit of Aspergillosis Trust bits and pieces.  Another card order has gone out today with 10 envelopes/packets with leaflets and lanyards in.  The 2020 calendar is going well so if you want one go to http://www.aspergillosistrust.org/awareness-goods.

Take care everyone there are nasty cold like bugs going around at the moment.

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