‘White Wine in the Sun’

I love this man!  The problem is there are not many of his songs that I could post in my blog!  This song is how I see Christmas except it probably won’t be in the sun!

Since last week I ordered my Christmas Fizz.  Hubby and me had our honeymoon in Germany.  We stayed at this great hotel in the Mosel Valley.  It was only a small hotel and the owners were lovely.  Fritz used to run and hotel and then be in the bar in the evening and his wife was the chef.  We got to know so many locals and one of them owned a vineyard.

We got married in 1987 and we still keep in touch and we order a couple of cases of our favourite every year.

Thomas Haehn WinesWe have gone a bit mad this year as who knows how much duty we will have to pay when Brexit happens!  Anyway, it has all arrived safely within a couple of days.  So that is the booze more or less sorted except hubby will want his Chateauneuf-du-Pape and Sauternes.  (I quite like that with my Christmas pud.)

We also have had one of my oldest friends visit from France (very European week) with his wife and kids.  There used to be a group of us that went to pubs in Eton or Windsor to watch live bands play and which involved in us partaking in too much alcohol.  The last train from Windsor used to leave a few minutes after closing time so we had a mad rush to catch it.  Makes me puff thinking about it now.  I really don’t know how I managed it because I always got up the next day for work.  I did enjoy that first cup of coffee when I first got to my desk though.  It was great seeing them all and a real tonic.  His two girls are lovely and after we had a meal (hubby excelled himself) my friend and his wife me and hubby sat, chatted, laughed and put the world to rights whilst the two girls watched Toy Story 4.  Best medicine ever.

Well I have 4 card orders now for Christmas cards which is good so I still have plenty of time to do more if people want them.  43528192_10215224357956192_1290612031493242880_n

We also have our calendar and loads of lovely awareness items.  Visit the website and order.   www.aspergillosistrust/awareness-goods/

I am still improving and getting used to taking my nebuliser 3 times a day.  The book list I want for Christmas is getting longer as there is really not much else you can do when you are plugged in.

Take care everyone. x

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