‘Season of the Witch’

Well, it is Halloween after all.

The clocks have changed and it definitely chilly and damp.  Loads of people coughing and spluttering so be careful everyone.  All of us with lung problems don’t need to get other things as well on top of our daily troubles.  Very hard to avoid.

Donovan was always a favourite of mine.  Apparently, the guitar on this was played by Jimmy Page.  On one of my other favourite tracks ‘Sunshine Superman’ John Paul Jones and Jimmy Page were both contributors.

I am still improving and managing to do more which is great.  My sister and her hubby came over from Essex yesterday and we went out and had a pub lunch.  Just a local pub that does good food and real ale.  Makes my hubby very happy.  Lovely lunch and they do a small dessert with a coffee at a special price, so I had a little treat.  Banana waffle and ice cream.  (Banana good for potassium – that is my excuse).  My sister gave me a list of Christmas pressies for her family and their other partners.  So I have done some online shopping this morning.  I always like to get ahead.  You never know with this illness how you will feel from one day to the next. Got back and did my nebuliser for the second time and started reading my new book!

Yes, everyone, it is the killer fungus!  Probably not the best thing when you have aspergillosis but it is very interesting.  Thankfully it is only fiction as this is a very clever fungus and manages to breakdown any material to get to what it needs to survive.

Cold Storage: The thrilling debut novel by the screenwriter of Jurassic Park by [Koepp, David]

I seem to be getting through it quite quickly – a bit like the fungus!

Aspergillosis Trust is going well and we are sending out leaflets and posters around the world

We also have our awareness items and we hope to have some new t-shirts soon as well.

I have been busy with card making.  One went out a couple of days ago and I have 3 more to do.  Getting through them as I enjoy making cards.

We have a weekly Zoom meeting run by the National Aspergillosis Centre and there were a couple of people on there today very poorly.  As I said at the beginning it is that time of year for bugs and I am aware of others in our group dealing with nasty chest infections so be careful everyone and wrap up warm.  Everyone who is unwell or in hospital I wish you well and hope you start to feel better soon.

Off to plug in and read some more!

Take care. x


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