I have been so busy this week and have thoroughly enjoyed it.  Getting near Christmas and trying to get all the Aspergillosis Trust orders done as well as day to day living.

At the end of last week hubby and I met up with my friend from France with his family.  Had a great evening with them all.  Had a lovely meal cooked for us, we took the Arctic Roll (running joke) difficult to find now.  They are back home in the south of France now so I expect it will be another year before we see them again.  We skype though which is great.

Over the weekend I got stuck into my card orders as I have five.  I have just packed up one of them so four left but I think I will be able to get most done over the weekend.  I have also been sending out Aspergillosis awareness items.  So busy busy.

We went out to one of my favourite gardens centres yesterday Longacres in Bagshot.  They always have an elaborate Christmas display.  Model villages with polar express trains going around and illuminated toy shops and churches.  I can spend hours walking around.  Not yesterday with hubby in tow as he wants to get what we need then go home.  It was successful though.  Managed to get a few bits and pieces for Christmas.

I am trying to get myself organised as everyone who has this terrible illness knows we never know how we will feel from one day to the other.

The song this week is because as all of you that read my blog will know it has not been the best of years for me.  Recently my mouldy man has been very helpful and doing what he can to help.  As mentioned before I was asked to attend a meeting in London with him and when he saw me and noticed how breathless I was he organised some tests and told me to increase my inhaled antibiotic to three times a day instead of two.  I am coping well now with this and quite enjoying switching off from everything and reading my books.  He sent me another email last week and told me that lung function had decreased by 10% which is not good when you only have 50% lung capacity to start with. He went on to explain that now he has managed to get the aspergillosis under control bugs seem to be having a party.  He has written to my bug man and asked about me being admitted for some treatment and then they would set up something locally to help me.  Hence this weeks song!  I can cope with the dull ache from the infection and perhaps being a bit feverish I just hate the feeling of being full all the time and I get tired trying to do my lung clearance.  I am very fortunate having a fantastic ‘muddle of medics’ looking after me, the support from people on our facebook groups and doing something I love for Aspergillosis Trust.  We will see what happens.  It is another reason why I want to get Christmas organised.

I have finished my book about the killer fungus.  It is what I call a bit of silliness.  Quite amazing how it adapted to eat through different materials.  This week I am back to my thrillers.


I have read one of the Arkady Renko novels before and enjoyed it so I thought I would read another.  I think I am reading them out of order though.

If you want any awareness items, greetings cards and a 2020 calendar go to the website http://www.aspergillosistrust.org and place your order.

No photo description available.

Finally, a good friend and a big supporter of Aspergillosis Trust is back in hospital again as her lung has partially collapsed so I want to wish her well and hope she gets home soon.  Big hugs. x

Take care. x

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