‘I believe in Father Christmas’

I warned you all!  Every week from now till Christmas I will be starting with one of my favourite Christmas songs.

I loved Emerson, Lake and Palmer (ELP).  The range of music they used to play was amazing.  Keith Emerson is a brilliant pianist and I loved his honky-tonk album.  This is my favourite Christmas song it was written by Greg Lake.  I picked this version especially for one of the co-founding members of Aspergillosis Trust (you know who you are).

I am still on my natural high from last week.  After my phone call with my mouldy man we had a visit from my friend’s son with his family and new daughter.  Just 2 weeks old.  Smashing family and so chuffed they popped in to see me.

At the weekend one of my nephews phoned to arrange a get together before Christmas.  So we have set a date and booked a table at a local pub.  Days are getting booked already for Christmas.  It was a lovely phone call.  He and his partner have just bought their first house.  In London! I am so pleased for them they both work so hard.

I am a day early this week as I seem to be busy again.  Good busy.  We have a new design for t-shirts.  I hope to be advertising them soon. We are trying to get things organised as well for the Raffle for World Aspergillosis Day.  Then on top of that, I have had some more card orders.  I finished some last week but have 3 again to do.  Keeps me sane, I like being busy.

My book this week is Watching Edie – it is brilliant.  Hard to put down and get on with all the things I have to do.  Actually, I look forward to doing my nebuliser!



The Aspergillosis Trust calendars are going well so don’t miss out.

Just in case you were wondering the front cover is the only graphic picture of lungs.  The calendar itself consists of lovely photos taken by members of the Aspergillosis Support Groups.  You can order at http://www.aspergillosistrust.org/awareness-goods/  Lovely Christmas presents which will help raise funds to do more research and better treatments for this awful disease.

Take care everyone.  It is very nippy here in the Thames Valley but at least it is dry at the moment. x



3 thoughts on “‘I believe in Father Christmas’

  1. I have no idea who you are talking about but I love that song and that particular version holds a special place in my soul for me. So glad you are enjoying your family time.


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