‘White Christmas’

Four weeks today and it will all be over – are you all ready for the day?  I love Michael Buble’s voice.  I happen to have his Christmas album.

It has been another busy week.  I have been trying to finish my card orders and also organise our new Aspergillosis Trust t-shirts.

All our Christmas cards have been written.  The Christmas cake and pudding have been made as well.  Hopefully, me and hubby can enjoy the next few weeks without all the stress.  I always get my shopping delivered.  Meat is ordered from our local butcher so that is easy.  I seem to make it sound that we will be feeding the 5000 on Christmas day but it will just be the two of us.  The busy day in this house is Christmas eve.  As I have mentioned before we have an open house.  Numerous bottles of fizz are chilled for any visitors.

Last week I went out twice for lunch catching up with friends so I have done well.  Sometimes there doesn’t seem enough time.  One lunch we sat and chatted for 3 hours and I think we could have carried on for longer.  Silly thing is we live in the same village.

Healthwise I am doing okay.  I went to Brompton today to see my bug man.  I am back on Ciprofloxacin for 14 days.  Hate it as it interacts with my Phyllocontin for my asthma so I have to reduce it so I will be a ‘Puffing Jilly’ for a couple of weeks. One of my companions Pseudomonas is partying again.  I finish the course on my birthday so I am hoping I will be able to celebrate in style.  Fingers crossed it won’t knock me for six too much as my nephew will be coming over the weekend before my birthday and we have been invited to a 60th birthday party.

The trip into London was a bit rough today as it rained the whole way and the motorway I use is being upgraded to a ‘smart’ motorway (whatever that means).  At the moment it just means delays!  People that regularly read my blog will know that I feel my life is very surreal at times but this track came on the radio whilst driving along!

So there you have it 2 songs this week.

Aspergillosis Trust has been busy this week.  It may seem silly but we are trying to get organised for World Aspergillosis Day which will be held on 27th February 2020.  This year we had a great campaign and we hope we can do something as good next year.  We cannot stretch to a bus campaign but hopefully, we can spread the word in other ways.

We have the ideas just hope it all works out.

Well that is it for another week.  Card making tomorrow.  Shopping on Friday – replenish the larder!

Take care. x



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