“The Christmas Song”

Another favourite.  My mum loved Nat King Cole.  It was always played at Christmas but it was an LP!  I think it is called vinyl now.  Still have hundreds of them.

It has been a very hard week.  Ciprofloxin has made me feel very sick.  I have never had a reaction as bad as this before.  May all be in my head but I was wondering if being on a lower dose of prednisolone has made a difference.  I always feel a bit superhuman on steroids.  My GP has given me some tablets to counteract nausea but that makes me sleepy.  I still have a week to go.  I just hope it works.

I have also been getting a bit angry with myself.  Not me at all.  I love Christmas and part of it to me is meeting up with the people that are important to me.  I hate having to say sorry I can’t make it as I am not so good.  I think all of us feel at times we have to keep up or we lose contact with friends and the outside world.  There is never a good time to feel rough but I have my birthday and Christmas coming.  I have a smashing family who will come and visit, I just want to be in top form.  Hopefully, the adrenaline will keep me going.  Whinge over.  I have this voice in my head saying “Catch yourself on”.  If I ever felt a bit sorry for myself my dad would be saying this to me.  He is to blame for me being the independent stubborn woman I am today.

All the card orders are done and hopefully everyone should have received them by now.  The new t-shirts will be arriving on Friday.

I hope to start getting organised for World Aspergillosis Day as we will be holding a raffle.

We are already or Christmas in this house thank goodness.  As I walk with crutches I hate having to go out when there are crowds.  Hubby says I worry about everyone else tripping on my sticks rather than myself.  He may be right but I don’t want to be sued.

We went out this morning briefly before the sickness hit and it was a bit spooky.  I live in the Thames Valley and it was foggy this morning.  I was all togged up with scarf around my nose and mouth.  We went to a massive John Lewis store in High Wycombe.  It was bright sunshine up in “them thar hills” and them when we came back fog was still around Maidenhead.  Felt quite silly driving back in sunglasses!

Take care. x



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