‘Santa Claus is Comin’ to Town’

Got to have Bruce Springsteen in the mix.

I have been busy again.  My birthday is 2 weeks before Christmas.  I have a lot of celebrations to get through!  I love it all and I get thoroughly spoilt.

Friday night was curry night and we had some neighbours in to help eat the takeaway.  We both love curry but tend to go over the top.  I love all the veggie dishes and quite often we have quite a bit left.  I must admit it does get frozen and eaten another day but we are trying to keep space in the freezer at the moment.  It was a great evening.  We had a good laugh the four of us.

At the weekend my nephew and his partner came over and we went out for a Sunday lunch at a local hostelry.  It was fantastic.  I happened to mention to him when he phoned me that I sometimes listen to audiobooks while I am doing my nebuliser but have to have the volume up quite loud to cut out the noise of the machine.  Guess what I got for my birthday.  Noise-cancelling headphones.  I am in my element.  The book I am listening to at the moment has sound effects – I didn’t realise!  I can also listen to my music without hubby turning the volume down.  Hubby is more of a  tv documentary person, I like to be making things with music on.

Tuesday my sister and hubby came over and we had a lunch together and we exchanged our Christmas pressies as well as me receiving some birthday ones.  Goes with the territory really having a birthday near Christmas.  We usually all get together for birthdays but mine is always combined with Christmas.  It was a great lunch followed by cake!

Yesterday was the day.  Loads of lovely pressies.  Books, smellies and DVDs from hubby.  My sister, her sons and their partners all bought things with a bee theme.  If you are a regular reader of my blogs you will know that I waste loads of time watching bees in the summer.  My garden is planted up with bee friendly flowers.  I got an amazing watercolour of a bumblebee titled “Bee Happy”.  (As soon as I get a framed I will post a photo).  A bean bag book/kindle rest for when I sit on the bed nebbing my concoction of drugs, covered in a fabric with bees on.  Wildflower seeds to attract bees, a bumblebee keyring.  Then finally some glass bee ornaments.

Healthwise I am not the most fortunate of people but family and friends make up for that.  I have had so many well wishes from people, even the owner of the vineyard I get my wine from sent me a note!

Some smashing books as pressies.

So I am sorted for a while.  After opening the pressies we went out for breakfast we have this amazing farm near us that sells their produce and has a great cafe that has windows all down one side overlooking the farm.  On a clear frosty day you can see Maidenhead and Windsor in the distance.  After that, we went a bought a Christmas tree.

DSC_0048 (1)

My hubby is allowed to start decorating the house now so he is pleased.  We both love all the things that come with the festive season.  Hopefully, I will be able to post the finished result next week.

Today I have been a bit shattered so I have had a relaxing day.  Started watching one of my DVD’s – Orville.  Not the big green duck!  It is a comedy sci-fi series written and starring Seth MacFarlane.

We are off to the Panto this weekend (oh yes we are).  We always go to the Theatre Royal Windsor as a bit of fun.  The theatre is quite small and has a great atmosphere.

So you see I have been busy I have everything crossed that I keep reasonable well and cope okay with the pace of Christmas.

Still doing some Aspergillosis Trust bits and pieces as we have the raffle to do.  We have one of the posters organised but we are hoping to get some funding for other things – fingers crossed.

Take care everyone and try and enjoy the season of goodwill. x




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