“So This Is Christmas”

Not long now.  I have been playing all my Christmas albums and I think I could add a new one to all my blogs!

It has been another busy week.  Birthday celebrations finished on Saturday with a trip to the Pantomime.  I think it was the best one we had seen.  The panto dames were on form.  It being election week and our constituency has elected again the previous Prime Minister there were a few jokes.  Of course, Brexit was mentioned as well but thankfully it made us laugh.  Or as one of my favourite DJ’s used to say “All done in the best possible taste”.

I had a lovely visit from my friend’s son on Sunday, a lovely young man.  Both his parents have died from cancer.  His dad died when he was only 1 and his mum when he was 15.  He is now 19 and works hard every day and keeps the house going that has been left to him.  His parents would be so proud of him for a young man he has had to grow up so quickly.

Monday it was the usual food shop and then on the way home, we went to visit the lady that used to clip my poodles.  Even though I haven’t had a dog for a few years we keep in touch.  I don’t think she would be fit enough now to clip a poodle now.  It can be hard work.


Dylan (apricot poodle) was the most loyal of animals.  He knew when I wasn’t well and would drag his bed to my feet and lie next to my chair all day until hubby got home and then he would be a real pain.  Wanting hubby to take him out and play.  He never got in the way of my crutches and followed me everywhere.  Tinker (champagne poodle) was a snob.  I am sure he didn’t think he was a dog.  He never bothered other dogs and if they came over to see him and have a sniff (as they do) he would just stand and look at me.  I am sure he just tolerated other dogs.  I think he thought he was much bigger than he was as well.  He used to frighten anyone coming to the door as for a small dog he had a deep bark so he didn’t sound like a miniature poodle.

I have had to stop my antibiotics because of painful legs.  Fingers crossed they have done what they are supposed to do.  One good thing though I can breathe again as I am able to take my phyllocontin again for my asthma.  I still have this constant dull ache on my right side but hopefully, it will get better.  Just got to get through to the 15th January to go back to Brompton again.  Went to GP for blood test to see if my infection markers have reduced.  I have been threatened with hospital if they haven’t.

After the blood tests we delivered some Crimble pressies to friends so we have done our Santa bit.  I don’t intend going out after Friday.  Everything else is being delivered.  Cheese from the Cheese Society and groceries from a well known supermarket.  The fizz came a month or so back.  I am so organised!

I think I am a bit skew whiff with the tree photo.  The other one is in our hall with my Santa made of pine cones.  The Christmas stockings will be put up on Christmas Eve!

I will fit in one more blog before the big day as I hope to be able to announce our Raffle details for World Aspergillosis Day.  We have some lovely prizes.

Keep well everyone as the flu season has started and it can be dangerous for us Aspergillosis sufferers.

Take care. x


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