‘Enjoy Yourself’

Another year and I have survived!

I will be watching Jools on the 31st.  I do enjoy it he has a good mix of young and old.

We had a great Christmas.  Our usual open house on Christmas Eve went well.  The first visitor was 10.30 so the fizz was opened early.  I had just put the first batch of sausage rolls in the oven so I was ready for a sit down.  We then had a steady flow throughout the day.  I was full of Christmas cheer!

Christmas Day was a more laid back affair.  Just hubby and me with phone calls in between from family.  I was spoilt rotten again so well chuffed.

Over the past year, the Aspergillosis Trust has done so much in their fight to spread awareness.  Poster on London buses, patient information leaflets which are requested frequently by hospitals and patients.  On top of all the things, we have sent out we also took part in our first meetings/conferences and raised a significant amount for the Fungal Infection Trust.  All in all, it has been a good year.

Sadly though we have lost some of our friends from the support groups this year.  One of my friends who I met at Brompton Hospital lost her battle with this awful disease.  So this weeks song is very apt.  My health has gone downhill this year but I am still enjoying life and fighting.

World Aspergillosis Day will be held on 27th February 2020 which will be our next campaign.  This is a callout to everyone to take a selfie of yourself holding one of our cards so we can flood social media on the run up to the big day.  We need to work together.  Everyone from around the world can do this take a selfie and post it on all your social media accounts.  Instagram, twitter, facebook, whatsup!  (Hope that’s right).  Please help us and try and get more awareness and hopefully, in turn, it will result in more funding for research.  Thank you in advance – we can do this!

card 1

Submit Your Selfie

Live, laugh and love everyone.  Life is too short.

Happy New Year and take care. x



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