“The Show Must Go On”

Happy New Year everyone.  All the decorations are down, packed away for another year. Now it is back to the fight!

I had a lovely Christmas.  It was very busy even though we didn’t go out.  Had loads of lovely visitors and phone calls.  It was definitely the season of goodwill.  Everyone was so kind, and lots of smiley happy faces.  Gives me the strength to carry on in all aspects of my life.

I have managed to stay bug free which is great as usually this is the worst time of the year for me.  I have done something to my hip though.  Woke up on New Years Eve with horrendous pain in my hip.  I have an awful lot of metal work in my right leg.  I have a pin that sticks out the top of my femur and then numerous screws holding it in place.  All of which are sticking out and are not flush with the bone.  The reason being is that if they need removing it would be easier.  I don’t think I will be letting them at it again.


Mine has a couple more screws.

Well my hip is a bit wobbly due to the operation and my femur didn’t just break it shattered and it took a year from the bone to grow around the rod.  Well I think I must have done something in my sleep as I can feel all the screws and rod.  I have started taking painkillers regularly and will see how it goes.  I hope it settles.  The other leg was just a straight break in the middle so it is a metal rod with screw top and bottom to hold it in place.  Don’t seem to have as much problem with that thankfully.  Will have to see.

It is never straight forward when you have a chronic illness.  I probably wouldn’t have so many problems if I didn’t have Aspergillosis.  Osteoporosis has been caused by my prednisolone which is needed to keep the inflammation down in my lungs caused by Aspergillus.

I have been busy again.  World Aspergillosis Day is on 27th February 2020 (just in case I forgot to say).  We are trying to organise a few different things.  We have a raffle – please go to https://uk.virginmoneygiving.com/jillfairweather and read all about it.  If you want raffle tickets please do forget to email me your address so I can post them to you.

Word Lungs 2020 - Revised - 18122019

Then we have our poster which will be posted to medical schools, hospitals, GP surgeries and pharmacies and hopefully they will display.  I am organising a print of the posters so if anyone wants one to give to their GP please email me.  Also remember it is ‘World’ Aspergillosis Day so if there is anyone from other countries that want to use the poster that is fine.  If you want a pdf of the file just let me know.

Hopefully some lovely people will do coffee mornings or afternoon teas to raise money and if you think Aspergillosis Trust can help again contact me.

WAD Poster 2020

We have also now amalgamated all the patient stories on the website so they are in one place.  Have a read.  http://www.aspergillosistrust.org/patient-stories/

I have a couple of appointments next week so the new year is off to a good start!

Take care everyone and stay well. x

3 thoughts on ““The Show Must Go On”

  1. I haven’t got a copy of mine. It is a lot more horrendous as I have them in both legs. The right one is worse. Rod sticking out the top of the femur and two screws in the hip and two more holding the rod in place. Bionic that’s me!


  2. I wish i could get knee surgery, knee replacements to be exact, but Dr’s have told me due to recurrent chest infections the orthopaedic surgeons wouldn’t touch me.
    I enjoy reading the posts but had a really bad Xmas and new year.
    Thanks for doing this Jill. X


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