“People Have The Power”

Amazing lady and brilliant song.

This should be our rally song to help spread awareness of Aspergillosis – a hidden lung condition that can be fatal.

It has been a hard week with taking these antibiotics my poor tummy is really suffering and I am struggling to concentrate on things.  Very strange when we have stomach problems nothing seems to distract from them.  When I am breathless I can always sit and do my card making, read or listen to music.  I started listening to a podcast -Blank –  Giles Paley-Phillips and Jim Daly.  Always entertaining but turned it off as nausea took over.  Only another 4 days to go.

The Raffle is going well but there is still time for people to buy tickets the cut of date is 20th February – https://uk.virginmoneygiving.com/jillfairweather  Please remember to email me your address so I can send out the tickets.

Word Lungs 2020 - Revised - 18122019I forgot to mention last week that whilst I was at Brompton to see my mouldy man I booked my nebuliser in for a service (as it is so well used).  Well they gave me a new one and it is a lot quicker.  So on average now it takes about 30 minutes now instead of the 45 before.  Good in some respect but it is reducing my reading time!  I know I could do more if I wanted to but I always seem to have so many things I want to do.  I am reading a tome of a book at the moment.  Not my usual but I am quite enjoying it.

Was thinking of getting it as an audiobook but I sometimes fall asleep whilst listening to them and this one is quite detailed.

Well as you all know it is World Aspergillosis Day on 27th February and Aspergillosis Trust would love everyone to post a selfie on social media platforms on that day holding our card

card 1This can be downloaded from our website https://aspergillosistrust.org/submit-your-selfie/  We want people to ask questions and understand this condition.

There are some awareness items available, badges, wristbands, ribbons and t-shirts.  Wear a badge or wristband on the 27th.  Get involved.

How to support us

Wrist Band (Silicon)t-shirt-12-pens-3-badgesadjusted-colourRibbon

We also have our poster.

WAD Poster 2020If anyone wants a PDF copy or paper copy contact us via our website and it can be arranged.   https://aspergillosistrust.org/contact/

As I haven’t been very good I have no adventures to report but I did sit down with my lemon and ginger tea last night and watch Star Trek Picard.  I am a bit of a Trekkie so have been waiting, I wasn’t disappointed.

Live Long and Prosper

Take care. x

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