“Shiny Happy People”

Difficult one this week.  Trying to find a song that suits my mood.

I consider myself lucky even though I have terrible lungs and walk with crutches because of my metal legs.

I mentioned that I had to go to Brompton on Monday and was a bit miffed that I had to go to 2 places.  With my breathing problems at the moment, I must admit it filled me with fear.  I wasn’t sure where best to park so I did not do a lot of walking.  At the weekend hubby said we should get a taxi.  We live in Berkshire and Brompton is in the Chelsea area.  One part is the heart hospital (nice new building) and the other part the lung hospital (old red brick building).  Both hospitals are very friendly.

My first appointment was at the heart hospital for an echo.  Taxi arrived at 8 am as my appointment was 10 am.  You never know what the traffic will be like.  We got there at 9.30.  It is a long walk and hubby asked the receptionist if we could borrow a wheelchair.  She got us one, they were all lined up against the interior wall. DOH!  Guess what the one we got was like a wonky shopping trolley.

We made it had my scan early the went back to the ground floor.  My appointment at Fulham Road wasn’t for nearly 2 hours so we had a cup of coffee and looked at all the goodies at the Brompton Hub.  Bought a few things then started walking back to reception. The lovely receptionist that helped before saw me and came over and said where are you off to next.  I told her Fulham Road so she called the mini bus/ambulance that runs between the hospitals and we were driven across in style.  Well looked after.

The appointment at Fulham Road was with the Chronic Asthma team.  Walked past some of the consulting rooms to see my favourite doctors name.  I have know him for over 30 years since he was a junior researcher at the hospital.  Sat down then was called to do my breathing tests.  Not too good but I managed.  Went back into the waiting area and I there was a tap on the shoulder.  ‘How are you Mrs Fairweather would you like to come in’.  I jumped the queue.  He is a Prof and semi retired.  I was so chuffed to see him.  I get on so well with him and he always listens to my moans and does his best to help.  My cortisol is low (reducing my steriods) he reckons that and the fact my sats go down to 85 when walking is the reason I am like the dormouse at the Mad Hatters tea party in Alice in Wonderland.  I am therefore being referred to an Endocrinologist.  He then went on to explain why I need adrenaline as it is the hormone that gives me the energy to run in frightening situations.  I asked did that mean I would stay put because to be quite honest I think I need more than adrenaline to run away with my duff lungs and legs.  Both he and hubby roared with laughter (goodness knows what the doctor and patient thought in the adjoining room).

Had to do some more sputum tests and we had a discussion about Aspergillosis Trust because they were talking about me at some meeting and they all looked at the website.  He then went on to talk about a machine that can measure fungal spores in our homes and how small these things are.  It is lovely getting a pat on the back and feeling we are doing something worthwhile.

We had booked the taxi home for 2 pm as my nephew who works in London had got some time off to visit me.  He arrived at 12.30 with –

Small Luxury Selection BoxSo the 3 of us sat in the waiting area (it was between clinics so not too busy) and had coffee and cake.  Hubby got annoyed with me because I had one with hundreds and thousands on and they will all falling off on the floor.  We only had napkins from the lovely lady at the coffee shop.  Brilliant day all in all.  On the way out I saw the kind young man who looked after me when I was on Foulis Ward.  When I was tied up to machines and drips he always got my ginger teabags and but them in hot water and put a nice cuppa on my table.  Lovely people all of them.  Taxi picked us up at 2 and we were home in 30 minutes.

Long day but in a strange sort of way enjoyable.  Smiles always make you feel good.

Take care. x



2 thoughts on ““Shiny Happy People”

  1. Thank you. I enjoy reading your blogs about your trips to the Brompton etc. It was interesting that the consultant? mentioned a machine that measures fungal spores in one’s surroundings. When I was first diagnosed with aspergillus I enquired at the local council whether they could suggest a contact who could do a survey of mould spores. They could not – frankly didn’t seem to know what I was talking about – and so it was up to me to avoid compost, old leaves, etc.etc. I have loads of books kept in an outside room, also loads of old music so I am very careful now. I used to live in Richmond many years ago and love all that area. Good wishes and thank you. Greta.


    1. Thanks Greta. The machine my Prof was talking about was developed in Singapore. They are very expensive I am sure my doctor would love to get funding as he thinks newly diagnosed patients could have it set up in their home to see if there is a problem in the house. Apparently in Singapore they have a lot of problems with soft furnishings. Doesn’t thinking of. I expect it is because of the high humidity. Take care. x


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