“Another Day” World Aspergillosis Day 2020

I will be writing about a normal day in my life.  This is just an example.  There are people that have to deal with a lot more than me and others (thankfully) that are controlled and manage on less medication.

For some reason I seem to wake up around 5.30 am.  I don’t get up but I do take some of my drugs then.

early moring tablets

Lansoprazole works best on an empty stomach so that is why I take that.  The phyllocontin is for my asthma and then there is my water tablet and my antihistamine.  I have a glass of water by my bed so when I wake and go for a wee I take the first of the day.

My lovely hubby gets up around 7.30 am and makes me a cup of mint tea.  I am suffering with nausea all the time at the moment.  We both sit and plan for the day whilst supping our morning cuppa.  Hubby then goes and does is ablutions and I go down for breakfast.  I find breakfast difficult.  My mouth is dry all the time so don’t cope well with toast so I just tend to have fresh fruit and natural yoghurt.  Sometimes a boiled egg.  After breakfast I take the next lot of tablets.after breakfastTwo tablets for diabetes as my prednisolone has made me diabetic.  I take it the same time as my prednisolone to try and keep my sugar stable throughout the day.  I have mobility problems due to osteoporosis and take normacol to stop me getting constipated and the probiotic as I take so many antibiotics.

Next is the nebuliser and inhalers.  I am still not washed and dressed.

Joy of joy.

neb drugs and inhalersFirst off I take my two inhalers Seretide and Braltus – both for my asthma.  I have severe asthma.  Then Flizonase to stop nasal drip (basically stopping stuff draining down the back of your throat down onto your lungs). Then eye drops.  Sodium Cromoglicate and Hypermellose.  One is for allergies the other for dry eyes.  Then it is the mixing.  My Fungizone has to be mixed with 10ml of sterile water.  Then I draw off 2ml of Fungizone and add another 2 mls of water.  I also have to mix the Colomycin.  That gets mixed with 3 mls of sodium chloride.  I start by taking the salbutamol which opens up the airways then the Nebusal which loosens everything up.  Then I have a break whilst everything is dissolving and do my lung clearance.

acapella-choice-flutter-valve-disassembles-for-cleaning-7bfThis little gadget is very helpful.  I blow into it and it seems to vibrate.  I do it 5 times take 5 breaths then a huff

Once I feel my lungs are clear of all the gunk I carry on.  I then take my Colomycin which is an antibiotic as I have a colonised infection of Pseudomonas.  I also have mycobacterium abscessus but this is not being treated as it seems to be dormant and not doing any damage.  After I have done this it is the yellow peril.  Fungizone.  This drug has made a difference to me.  It is not easy to tolerate for a lot of people as it can make you cough and if you have asthma it might bring on an attack.  I was lucky I can cope.

All my needles and syringes and leftover medication then has to go into a sharps bin

sharps bin

So there we have it.  It now around 9.30 am and I still have to get washed and dressed.  Now regular readers of my blog know why I love m books.  I am plugged into my nebuliser for over 2 hours every day.

Once I am washed and dressed I start my day.  If we are going to appointments obviously my day has to start a lot earlier because also I can be exhausted after doing my lung clearance and taking everything.

I will write about the rest of my day tomorrow.

We need your support everyone.  Please share this and help us get more awareness so people get diagnosed early and better treatments become available.AT WAD - Tube Poster - 18022020Take care. x


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