“Jailhouse Rock”

Hi everyone.  World Aspergillosis Day was good and I think it was very successful.  Hopefully we managed to spread the word.  It was a shame that it was the start of the Coronavirus outbreak but that can’t be helped.  There was well over £1500 raised for the Fungal Infection Trust as well.

I really don’t know how it all came off as I was not so good the week before.  I went to the doctor as since my last lot of antibiotics I have been feeling quite icky.  Nausea nearly all the time.  I was given some anti-sickness tablets but they just knocked me out.  Doctor sent me for blood tests and an urgent scan of my tummy.  Well that night we get a phone call at midnight saying that my cortisol levels were low and that I might have to go to hospital.  The on call doctor that phoned said she was phoning the hospital and would get back to me.  Ten minutes later I get another phone call to be told as it is late at night have a good nights sleep and that the GP would sort it out in the morning but if I started being physically sick I had to call 999.  Guess what hubby and me didn’t sleep for a while.

Next day my GP was useless.  I have been referred to an Endocrinologist – which they were supposed to do anyway.  We had booked to go up to Norfolk for 2 weeks so I contacted my doctor and asked him if I should worry as it seemed strange that one minute it was urgent then it wasn’t.  He told me that I would probably be okay but if concerned increase my prednisolone.

I had my scan as well and I have gallstones so that could be the cause of feeling rough as well.  As nothing was to be done urgently we were off for 2 weeks in Norfolk

We had a smashing time, even though we had some dull days it only rained at night so managed to go out and about a bit and Martin did some fishing.  There were otters running along the quay heading but they were too quick for me to take photos but it is the first time I have seen one in the wild.

We have returned home to self-isolation or social distancing.  I am self-isolating hubby goes for a walk occasionally and keeps away from everyone.  I feel very fortunate I have had so many lovely friends and neighbours contacting me offering help if we need it.  So thank you, everyone.

I have loads of things to keep me busy just need to get motivated.  I start something and then say to myself I have loads of time to do it so sit back and read or watch a film.  I think I am still in holiday mode.

Stay safe everyone.

Take care x

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