“Self – Stay Home”

Seems that the makers of  Shrek were ahead of their time!

One week done and 11 (hopefully) more to go.  I must admit I seem to be so busy.  I know some people are trying to structure their day but I have so much imposed structure in my day I just try and go with the flow.  I have to plug into my nebuliser 3 times a day and do my lung clearance otherwise I am so breathless and clogged.  In between spells of immobility, I just do some of the bits and pieces that are on my list.

The poster is by the doorcovid 1

Which has been very useful – apart from one delivery guy.  Shopping organised for a few weeks as I seemed to be lucky and get ahead of the game.  Might be that I usually get my shopping delivered so slots are usually reserved in advance.  My biggest problem has been my medication.  I seem to be in a catch 22 situation.  Surgery is closed.  They will not take repeat prescription orders over the phone and you are supposed to put your request through the door!  I phoned and was told to join the online ordering service.  I tried but it says I need to take ID into the surgery to get a pin number.  I gave up and when I calm down a bit I will try again.

I have been watching a bit of the Government daily updates but it can be depressing.  I listen to the headlines then switch off.  I have had texts from the Gov Coronavirus Service on a daily basis.  A long letter from my GP and yesterday a letter from my local hospital from the Rheumatology Department telling me I am at severe risk with a list of telephone numbers if I am concerned.  So I think I am doing okay as so many of my mouldy friends have heard nothing.

The National Aspergillosis Centre are holding daily Zoom meetings so all of us can chat with each other giving support where needed so we don’t feel alone and there is always someone there to ask questions.  Then I have also joined Gareth Malone’s Home Chorus


Not sure I will do any recording but I am enjoying taking part and doing the warm ups and trying.  I get puffed so probably best I just take part silently.  Well done Gareth Malone it is great fun.

I have also had so many people offering help.  One of my lovely neighbours the other day had done some baking (she is brilliant) and texted me to say that she had left 2 banana muffins on the doorstep.  They were delicious.  Our local butcher has offered to deliver to us as well so at least we won’t starve.  I have ordered my compost for the garden so I can get all my patio pots organised.  So the week coming I will be searching for plants online.

On facebook I am doing the 30 day song challenge and a number of my friends are taking part.  It has been fantastic.  I am remembering songs from the past and drawing up a playlist.

I have card orders even though I cannot post them but I will get them all done and we will see what happens.  If they are needed desperately I might ask someone to post them for me.

Hubby is self isolating with me as it just makes things easier than splitting the house in 2 and he is my carer as there are some things I need his help with.  He paints model soldiers so he is more than happy having the time to do that.  Not sure where we put the Battle of Waterloo though!

Stay safe everyone and be kind

Take care. x


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