I have lost count how many weeks or days we have been self-isolating.  I did a 30 day Song Challenge on Facebook and my nephew from the United States mentioned this song on day 25 – Name a song by someone that is no longer with us.  I just had to pinch it!

I have been full of bugs again and I have already had 2 weeks of Cipro but I have been prescribed another 2 weeks.  My GP is phoning me weekly, which is very nice of her.  She knows that I should be having regular intravenous antibiotics but because of Covid-19 they are not starting treatments for new patients until things settle down.  I do my lung clearance twice a day which is helping, my biggest problem is night sweats.  I wake up and I am literally wet.  I get up and go in the bathroom and dry myself with a towel then usually start shivering.  So frustrating as it takes a while to get back to sleep.  The pain is just a dull ache now so I am hoping things will carry on improving.  It is just so slow when taking oral antibiotics.

We have started to cook something different every week so the cookery books have been out and tomorrow it is Delhi Lamb with potatoes, with a side dish of tarka dhal.

I think my book is a bit old but it has been well used and loved.  The main thing is it will be tasty as everything we have cooked in the past has been great.  It was a batch of cheese scones at the weekend.  I don’t think we will be doing that very often as they didn’t last long!

The garden has been doing well.  We have had a lovely warm and sunny spell.  All my little plants in the propagator and looking healthy.  I took some out this afternoon to get some sun.

Then we have the story of my tree peony!  When I was young our family home and a lovely garden at the front of the house and my dad (who was very green fingered) loved peonies. He had them growing all down one side of the driveway.  I met one of my friends in a garden centre over a year ago for coffee and saw a pot with a twig in it.  I saw it was a peony and thought that would be lovely to have.  Little did I know that there are bush and tree peonies and my dad grew bush.  I now have a tree peony in my courtyard back garden.  If it gets too big we might put it in the front but I am loving the bright blousey flowers.

peonyMy twig has blossomed.

My book at the moment is American Dirt by Jeanine Cummins lent to me by my lovely neighbour.  I have only just started it but I am hooked.



I try and join the daily Zoom meeting which is held by the NAC Cares Team as usually we have a giggle and gets me in a good frame of mind for the day.  There is also one of my mouldy friends doing a 30 day challenge – I passed the baton over.  We are on day 2 and it is bringing back lots of memories.  Miss having a gossip and cuppa with my friends face to face but we are doing okay.

Stay safe everyone

Take care. x

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