“Perfect Day”

Feeling good.  The sun is out and I am managing to get a few jobs done.

The last round of antibiotics has helped.  I always cough up green sputum but the amount has lessened and I am coping.  My mouldy man thinks I had a heavy mucus load (I love all the terminology).  The pain has nearly disappeared I am just taking paracetamol when needed now which is great.  I have even managed to go through the day today without an afternoon snooze!  I am now waiting for a letter from the second of my telephone appointments with my endocrine man. (Will have to think of a suitable nickname for him)  He is changing me to hydrocortisone rather than prednisolone.  He hopes that will mean I don’t get the drop in cortisol I have been getting and reduce nausea and fatigue.  I think our post is a bit erratic as I have not received the prescription yet. I suppose he was writing a letter as well and who knows at the moment how hospitals are managing to cope.  I am quite amazed.

The garden is coming on and I am seeing a bit of colour appearing which is always good.  Seemed to have a spurt early and now things have slowed down.  None of my lupins have flowered.  Every day I do a check, I have one that has a large flower head coming but it is a bit slow.  I think they need a bit of sustenance.

The bees seem to like my poppies.  I can’t wait for my lupins and snapdragons to flower then I will hopefully have more bees.

My book this week is Kill the Father.  I seem to be reading Italian authors at the moment.

Kill the Father: The Italian publishing sensation (Caselli & Torre 1) by [Sandrone Dazieri]

This is the first in a trilogy and for some reason, I read the second one first.  The third one is on pre-order.  I don’t think it comes out till October.

We have been watching a few films as well
JoJo Rabbit DVD [2019]1917 (DVD Format) [2019]The Windermere Children [DVD]

War-themed.  None of this is intentional.  I think there have all been released at the around the same time.  Might be something to do with VE day.

I have been busy doing bits and pieces for Aspergillosis Trust.  Updating the website.  We have some new patient stories and helpful information concerning Covid-19.  I have sent a parcel to the USA and we have had 2 amazing fundraisers raising between them over £5000.  Not too late to donate go to Apergillosis Trust Donations

All of us that have been shielding are now allowed to go out and meet someone and have a walk.  I must be honest I am a bit wary as there still seems to be a large number of deaths daily but we were thinking we might drive to Runnymede and see if we can park there (if it is not crowded) and have a walk by the river.  Taking a flask of coffee – might even have a picnic!  It will be nice to see what is going on outside our little cul de sac.

Stay safe everyone and take care. x



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