“Oops Up Side Your Head”

Right then who among my readers know the dance that goes with this track!  I know my old flatmate would be on the floor (literally) with me when this was played at a disco.

The reason I am picking this is that I seem to have so many things going on at the moment I have forgotten to do my blog.

First off I am doing okay, thank goodness.  I have been doing quite a bit of Aspergillosis Trust bits and pieces.  We have some great patient stories on the website and helpful information concerning Covid-19.  I realise that most of us will be able to do a bit more soon as long as the numbers stay down.

Personally, I don’t think I will be going to any pubs or restaurants any time soon.  I think having a haircut will be the first thing.  I have ventured out in the car.  The first time I needed a very nice man fro  RAC to start if for me.  He even went to BMW and got a new battery for it for me as it just wasn’t charging very well.  He laughed and said that as your car is 2 years old and you have only done 5000 miles might have something to do with it.  The RAC man rang Motability and they said they would pay for a new battery.  I apologised but I have had a rotten year so not been out and about much he said not to worry because they will make money back with interest when the lease runs out next year

I do love my little red car.

I have been also doing the latest questions on our Facebook 30 day challenge.  Most have been compiled by someone else.  We did music, then the arts and after that, it was personal stories and memories.  Now it is food.  I feel it is very wicked talking about food when we can’t go out and get the ingredients we need/want and enjoy the company of our family and friends.  Thankfully it seems to be going down well.

We have added a page to our website call Memories from Shielding so people can send in photos of how they have been passing the time.  The talent in our group astounds me and I am amazed at how we all just get on and deal with things and do not let this illness define us.  http://www.aspergillosistrust.org/memories-from-shielding/

Other things have been happening as well – talking to an American/UK pharmaceutical company about a new treatment.  Helping Worcester University who have made a fungal spore calendar.  They wanted to know if it was helpful and if we would change our ways.

No photo description available.Really interesting the amount of people that feel worse in October.  Me personally (I always have to be different) am ill at the beginning of the year Feb/Mar.  Perhaps it is a result of me enjoying Christmas too much and exhausted nothing to do with air quality!

I have card orders which I have nearly finished but need to get someone to take to the post office or find some other way of sending.  Also, we have watched a couple of DVDs.  I have to laugh as we watched David Copperfield and Doctor Dolittle.  I enjoyed both but the light of my life (hubby) didn’t know the story of either of them so was confused.  His education was definitely lacking!

Stay safe everyone. x

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