“I Got a Feeling”

I had a strange week last week.  Up and down like a rollercoaster.

Took my car out for a trip and we had a little walk.  All of us shielding are allowed to go out now as long as we social distance and don’t go shopping!

We went to Runnymede.  It was lovely.

There is a walk which you can follow which takes you through the Magna Carta timeline.  It says it takes 15 minutes but duff lungs and walking with sticks probably an hour.  We had a little walk by the river then went back to the car.  It had started to get busy as the weather was nice.  People with blankets and packed lunches.  The public toilets aren’t open so I hope they hadn’t travelled far.  Hubby couldn’t remember ever being at Runnymede.  So I showed him some of the hi-lights.

We just went to the car park and had a walk around the curve of the river.  It did feel good being out.  Used to go the Commonwealth Air Forces Memorial with my dad as he was in the RAF during the war.

Friday had a phone call from a Specialist nurse from our local hospital.  She said I had been referred to them to take over my care for asthma.  Not sure where that information came from it was supposed to be my bugs so an Infectious Diseases specialist.  I have one at Brompton but he is only really interested in my Mycobacterium Abscessus so I only see him annually – unless something nasty happens.  I explained that I do not want to have anyone take over my severe asthma care as I have been under the same specialist for years and my asthma is well controlled.  You don’t like telling these people that the information they have is wrong but I had to.  She said my mouldy man has said that was the case.  So I explained that I don’t think he would do that as it would not be his place to.  He wants me to have local help as my infections are getting worse.  In the end she agreed to have a word with an ID specialist and today I received a letter and I have an appointment (yes an appointment – not a telephone consultation) on 27th July.  So things are looking up.  Started my hydrocortisone as well and feeling better, not as sleepy and not as much nausea.  Result!

My garden is doing well even though I haven’t managed to get to the Garden Centre.

The rose I got from the Alzheimer Society in memory of my dad.  It is lovely this year.  I have had it for over 7 years so pleased.

When it was very hot I started listening to an audiobook for a change.  My eyes were so itchy.  Brilliant.  I could listen when I went to bed with the lovely headphones my nephew and his partner gave me for Christmas/birthday which are noise cancelling.  I had the fan on and hubby snoring and all I could hear was Richard Armitage and Emily Watson.  I am really enjoying it.

A Nearly Normal FamilyWe are still doing our daily questions on the facebook group.  Seems to be going well.  It is great that we are learning more about each other not just our illness.  I think we have a great group.

Aspergillosis Trust has been busy, which is good as even though Covid-19 is still in the news everywhere we are managing to make new contacts and spread the word.

Stay safe everyone. x


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