“Itchycoo Park”

Steve Marriott was a bit of a pin-up in our house!  This song is just because I want to scratch my eyes out as they are so itchy.  It is lovely being outside but the hayfever has been awful.  GP has prescribed a stronger antihistamine.  So glad as I wanted to rip my eyes out.  Great song though.  “To rest my eyes in shades of green”.

I have been so busy.  It has been another strange week.  One of my friends had to say goodbye to her lovely dog.  A real gentle lad.  I think it is one of the hardest things to do.

I finished my card orders and sent them off.  During lockdown, it has been difficult posting things but hopefully, it is coming to the end so I can get back on track. I am still going to be very careful.  I think couriers will be used wherever possible.

Aspergillosis Trust as now is a World Lung Day partner and look forward to taking part on 25th September.  We have our pledges.

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We are doing our best trying to make people aware of this awful condition.  If nothing else people might ask what it is.  More people die of fungal infections than breast cancer.  I appreciate that Aspergillosis is only one type of fungal infection but the sad truth is we do not get the funding for research and treatments.

We have nearly finished our daily questions for the third time on the support group (we all do 30 day stints).  These are so we talk to each other and try to brighten our days whilst we have been shielding.  I must admit the last 30 days have been food and I think I have put on some weight just thinking of all the delicious food.  Remembered things I have not had in years.  I used to love Caramac.  I was so surprised that you can still get them.  I haven’t ordered one as I do not want to be disappointed.  I was very surprised when I ordered a creme egg (you know the ones).  I am sure they are half the size.  Hubby thinks it is just because I haven’t eaten one since I was a kid so they looked bigger.  (I think it was him trying to be subtle).

This past week I have been watching films again.  We had Emma which I enjoyed and last night it was a war film.  We do have a variety of viewing in this house.  I am also listening to The Count of Monte Cristo.  Just because I have seen 3 film versions of the book and they vary slightly.  As it is a tome of a book I thought the audible version would be best.

I have also read a lovely book written by a friends brother.   A Day at the Seaside by Steve Shergold.

As I mentioned before I have really been suffering from my hayfever.  This is a lovely book with short stories and poems.  Brilliant one in particular about someone that plays bass guitar, Dum tee Dum tee Dum.  I know someone that is learning this instrument during lockdown.  Then there are some poems.   I Wish, is one of the poems which seems to hit home to me.  I could go on but it would spoil it for you.  The book is not on general sale yet but you can get a copy from jane@carrawaypublishing.co.uk.  Copies of the published book are being sold in aid of the ‘Just Get It’ charity who provide invaluable support and information for people in Bath and surrounding areas who are dealing with cancer.  It is well worth a read and a very good cause.

Take care everyone. x


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