“That’s Life”

This is following on from my previous blog.

I think I ended with my hubby being diagnosed with high blood pressure. I know I forgot to mention that the first responder that came to the house (the one that said I had COPD) asked if I was mum! Now I know hubby is my toy boy (of 2 months) but I don’t think I look that old. I think when the paramedic came the first responder was glad to leave.

Three days after hubby was taken to A & E we had a thunder storm and we live in a cul de sac. There was a lightning strike that hit the road and bounced up and hit a telegraph pole. I was watching the 6 o’clock news and there was a terrific bang and the telly went. Pouring with ran hubby went out the check the outside of the house to make sure we hadn’t any gaping holes. Whilst walking around the house 2 neighbours came out and said they had lost their tv and internet. He came back in and the landline had gone and the internet and tv. We phoned BT who said that nobody would be able to come out to us until after the bank holiday weekend. Managed to get the tv working again but obviously without the internet. So awful how we rely on the internet so much. I could use my phone but I must admit I like typing on a keyboard. Don’t much like the small screens.

The day before this happened BT had sent me a new hub which we still had so when the engineer came and changed the telephone socket he managed to get the internet up and running again and we had to order a new hub. Two new hubs arrived a couple of days later and when we attempted to connect it the whole thing went down again. So we have another 4 days wait for an engineer. In the meantime we had 2 days of engineers working on the telegraph pole. Virgin Media and BT vans coming in and out of the road. I did learn that BT supply all the lines except for Virgin who have their own hence no Sky or Talk Talk. The engineer came and sorted it out again only but when I started linking everything to the internet it went again. Each time you have new passwords – we were going loopy. Ordered a new telly and for some reason the DVD player had gone as well. Rang BT and they said try the second hub which we did. Got it going again. Managed to set everything now I am scared to touch anything. New TV arrived and so pleased it didn’t go again!

So everything is working that goodness. Since then hubby’s blood pressure has settled. Thank goodness.

I had to go for some blood tests this week and the lovely nurse asked if I wanted my flu jab. I told her that we had booked to have it at the chemist as hubby is my carer and the surgery had not offered him one. She called him in did us both. I am getting a complex everyone seem so worried about me. Have to sort myself out I think!

So hopefully we will be getting back to normal now. Good thing as I have card orders to do. Just finished one and half way through another. Then I have another one.

It is World Lung Day next week and Aspergillosis Trust will be taking part. We have our pledges and I hope everyone that sees a pledge which share them on social media.

It is also Fungal Awareness Week so we will be busy spreading the word as much as we can.

Covid – 19 seems to be rearing its ugly head again so please stay safe everyone and take care.


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