“Things Can Only Get Better”

Hello everyone.

Not been the best few months but thankfully I understand what is happening. I have been quite unwell living on painkillers and anti nausea tablets and having no idea what is causing the problem.

Way back in February I spoke to my GP and told her that I was getting waves of nausea. It was found that I had gallstones. Over the past couple of months this has worsened and now I have constant pain. First off I told my GP that I was stopping my Gliclazide for my diabetes as I was having hypos as I was not able to eat properly. She did a blood test and confirmed that my diabetes was controlled and so I stopped the medication. She was convinced that what was causing my nausea. It didn’t make much difference. I think I felt a bit better but it didn’t stop. She changed the tablet for nausea and that didn’t help. In fact all it did was make me sleep all the time.

Clutching at straws I reminded her that I had ovarian cyst and wondered if that had anything to do with the problems. She was not convinced but agreed to send me for a scan. I was reminded that nothing happens quickly at the moment because of Covid-19. Thankfully I got a phone call from my local hospital to say they had a cancellation and would I be able to go that afternoon. Well had that and the cyst has got bigger 41 mm and before it was 31mm. She arranged for a blood test a CA 125 which is used to check for ovarian cancer. Mine was raised.

I got fast tracked to see someone and that happened last week. The cyst is fluid filled so nothing to worry about but there is no explanation as to why the blood test is raised so I have to be checked every 2 months.

Before all of this I asked my GP if I could be referred to someone about my gallstones to be told they won’t do anything because of all my health issues. I was amazed because I cannot believe nothing could be done to help me. After the third request I actually said to her that surely the surgeon/consultant should make that decision. She agreed to refer me just over a month ago.

Last Monday I get a phone call asking if I could attend a General Surgery appointment on Friday morning. So last week I had two appointments. One with Gynae and the other with General Surgery. Met a great surgeon who said I needed my gallbladder removed sooner rather than later and he would have to have a word with an anesthetist to see if he would be willing to help with the operation. He is convinced that was causing all my problems. The pain is inflammation. I have had some urgent blood tests today and spoken to my local respiratory consultant who doesn’t think there would be a problem but instead of day surgery I be admitted the day before so the physio can help me clear my lungs as much as possible before surgery.

I also have an appointment with my bug man at Brompton on Wednesday just to get his guidance as well. Fingers crossed now that an anesthetist is willing. My local respiratory consultant has put something on my notes to say that she is happy for me to have surgery.

So after months of feeling so unwell things seem to be moving somewhere. I know Covid-19 will most likely delay things but fingers crossed they are moving forward at last.

I have just realised that I now have seven consultants looking after me. Thank you NHS!

That is the reason I have been quiet. Hard to write things when you don’t know what is happening yourself.

I have been busy though making Christmas cards. I am lucky that I have a hobby, keeps me sane. All the funds made from the cards go straight to the Fungal Infection Trust which this year is well over £600.

The Aspergillosis Trust calendar is available now as well. Brilliant calendar absolutely stunning photos. Great for a Christmas present especially in these times as it can be easily posted as we can’t get together.

Please go to How to support us – Breathe (aspergillosistrust.org) and place your order or contact me at jill@aspergillosistrust.org.

Before I go there is a good friend of mine that has been having a rough time as well as me and this song is for both of us.

Stay safe everyone.

Take care. x


2 thoughts on ““Things Can Only Get Better”

  1. Wow, Jill, you really have been through the mill these last few months and yet you still manage to be so upbeat and unfazed by all that is happening, I am so pleased and honoured to call you my friend and compadre.
    You must take it easy now and again, having a rest day is not the end of the world.
    Best wishes from you co-conspiritor


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