“If Not for You”

Hi everyone and Happy New Year.

I know I haven’t written my blogs as frequently in the past few months but things have gone a bit haywire so to speak and I really wasn’t in the frame of mind to sit down and write. It was just one thing after the other and I felt that every week I would either be moaning about my health or something that had gone wrong in the AspergillusJill household!

This has been an awful year for everyone but I just wanted to say thank you to all the wonderful people that have helped keep me sane and kept me going.

First off hubby and I managed to have a lovely holiday before all this Covid-19 started and we came back on 14th March straight into lockdown. Within a week I was unwell. I just think it was usual winter bugs. I got antibiotics from the GP and things did not really get better after having 3 weeks on Cipro. I tried contacting my bug man at Brompton but I think they were so busy with the beginning of Covid and the numbers increasing in London my messages got lost. I took advantage of the fact I get on so well with my mouldyman and he organised some treatment for me. The medication was sent from Brompton so I didn’t even have to leave the house. He checked up on me the following week and I had started to improve thankfully. Luckily that has been the only upset where my lungs have been concerned.

Our neighbours were smashing. They would message us an see if we needed anything. We were doing okay because we managed to get shopping slots but if one of them was going to Marks and Spencer we would succumb to treating ourselves to a trifle. Also one of our neighbours kept me supplied in books. I can’t remember how many were left on our step by either her or one of her daughters. You all know I love reading. Films, music and books. I am am not one for watching much telly unless it is a specific programme. I am happy in my craft room with music playing or listening to an audio book. I tend to go and watch telly with hubby after I have done my evening treatment then we usually watch a film.

During lockdown local businesses have been great. In the village I live we have 5 shops, Post Office, cafe, chemist, butcher and general store. The butcher also has a deli and sells fruit and veg. He delivered to us when we needed anything. Then we have a bakery in the town about 3 miles away that delivered bread and cakes to us once a week. Both of these businesses did not stop delivering even when lockdown stopped as they were aware that there was an awful lot of vulnerable people concerned about their own safety. When I feel confident enough hubby and me will be visiting the bakery and having a coffee and cake. They have been amazing as I have been having stomach problems and sometimes I was only eating soup with a slice of crusty bread.

Now it is a big thank you to all my funguys and fungals. Everyone in the Aspergillosis support groups have been fantastic. One of my friends has had a horrible time and ended up in hospital with a collapsed lung. Even though she was going through such a bad time she kept in touch. Another one has had to deal with serious illness in her family. So my mouldy family have been great. I also have to thank one person who has helped me and looked after me mentally with all things Aspergillosis Trust as it has been a very hard year with one thing and another. So thank you everyone.

I must admit with the lockdown I have been enjoying making my cards and hubby has been making model aircraft and things have been okay. I miss a hug from family and friends and a wander around the garden centres but on the whole it has been okay.

For the future we have World Aspergillosis Day coming up on 1st February 2021 and we will be trying to get more people to get involved with our selfie campaign.

A card can be downloaded at Submit Your Selfie – Breathe (aspergillosistrust.org) The more the merrier. We were hoping to do more but things have happened that sadly meant we didn’t get the funding.

We have plans though and hope to get things going with some gusto in 2021.

Thank you everyone and stay safe. With the vaccine on the way things should be easier. I intend to get back on form with my blog writing.

Take care. x


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