“My Mind is for Sale”

This track this week is because I am trying to stop watching many of the news broadcasts and political programs as I have been finding myself shouting at the tv. I want to keep up with the news but at the moment frustration has taken over as I feel too many people have no respect for life. The numbers dying daily is horrifying. The pressure all the doctors and nurses are having to deal with is unbelievable. Life is precious. I am old and decrepit but still contribute to this world in my own way. I also enjoy life.

That is my moan over.

This week has been busy. Funny to say that but even in lockdown I have found my day running out of hours! I have had 2 hospital visits one in London (the Chelsea Residence) and one locally.

Had to go up to Brompton for a CT scan and collect some medication as there was a problem with shortages and they had some in stock that they could give me.

All went very smoothly and the whole trip up there and back only took 2 hours. BC (Before Covid) it could be at least 4. Managed to park opposite the hospital as well. Then I had to go to the local hospital for blood tests. A while back they found I had a raised CA 125 (Cancer antigens) so I have to have frequent blood tests. I was supposed to be seeing the doctor this week but that has been cancelled so I might phone the GP to get the results just to reassure myself. They can’t find any tumours in me I have had a CT and MRI and the last doctor I spoke to thought it might has something to do with my Aspergilloma. Strange.

I think I am behind with telling you all about the books I have been reading. This week it has been An Officer and a Spy by Robert Harris. I was telling my present husband (got to keep him on his toes) all about it and he knew the story.

It is a fictionalised historical event. It all takes place after the Franco-Prussian war. My knowledge of wars and the like are limited. Hubby loves all this sort of stuff. He has painted model soldiers and planes since a teenager so I shouldn’t have been surprised. I recommend it.

Thursday last week I had a phone call and my sputum test shows a heavy growth of pseudomonas again so I am back on Ciprofloxin so fingers crossed it works as otherwise it is IV’s. I am okay though just coughing up more than usual. My sputum is always horrendous so I should really know when the cough gets worse something is wrong.

Not long now till World Aspergillosis Day so please support Aspergillosis Trust. You can download a selfie card at Submit Your Selfie – Breathe (aspergillosistrust.org) or follow us on twitter at @aspertrust. I hope you can support us. Have a look at the website and see all the selfies and read all about Aspergillosis. It is a rare disease and quite often be misdiagnosed.

Take care everyone and stay safe. x

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