“Search for the Hero Inside Yourself”

Treatment is all finished and I feel so much better.

It wasn’t difficult once you got in the routine of remembering to take the bottles out of the fridge to warm up and remembering to wash hands prep all syringes and bottle then you can start.

I had another day at the Lung and Heart Day Unit. I arrived did my Covid test and there was a young man waiting to take more blood. I had a lung function appointment at 11.15. The nurse offered to get me a porter to wheel down to the department but I said I felt I could walk. A couple of weeks ago and I would have said yes please. I had struggled just walking across the road.

It was a hot day last Wednesday and I had gone in just a thin top as it was going to be 24 degrees in London and probably hotter on the ward. The poor technician that had to my lung function test had to wear full PPE. I did the tests and I must admit it was hard work. One of tests was the same as 2 years ago but then there were some not so good results. I was expecting that. My local doctor said to me last Monday not to be surprised if things were not so good.

Went back to the ward and they took the line out and gave me a sputum pot to do a sample. The physio Jacob was going to come and see me then I could go home. Jacob had been keeping in touch with me at home checking up with me over the past 2 weeks. He emailed a pdf file on exercise at home which is great as it also tells me what size plastic milk bottles filled with water weigh so I don’t have to buy weights. All handy stuff.

I did my sputum before he arrived as I think all the blowing into machines had loosened things up. When he turned up we had a chat and he gave me a new lung clearance device. I have had an acapella device for over 10 years and he kindly appeared with an AerobiKA. It works the same way and is great as you can use it lying down or on your side. Some of the devices you have to use sitting up and my right side is always worse so find it easier to lie on one side. Anything that helps when I have thick sticky gunk on my lungs is appreciated. It is helping.

So then I was all done and on my way home. So a big thank you to Tasmin who seems to have been at the Brompton for years. First knew her on Victoria Ward and she trained me to do my own IV’s many moons ago. Then Carol who explained how to administer my Ceftazidime bottles. Jacob the physiotherapist who gave me a refresher on lung clearance which is always good. Helped with exercise so I can hopefully increase my oxygen saturation a bit. Then last week the lovely lung function technician (sorry you told me your name but I forgot) who had so much patience with me even though she must have been boiling wearing all the PPE. Valeria who removed my line and made sure all the tests ordered by the doctors were all done. You are all stars.

I have one more appointment tomorrow and then that is me for a while. I have a video appointment with a dietitian as I have lost over 20 kg. I think it has something to do with my gallbladder and metabolism due to the infections but I am hoping now I am feeling so much better I will stop losing so much.

I read Michael Rosen’s book last week

I think it is a must read. A real eye opener. The track this week is mentioned in his book as he had to fight to try and keep going. After spending over 43 days in hospital he had to learn to walk again and one night he thought he would try to walk to the toilet without Sticky McStickstick and he started to stagger and he thought of the song.

We had a lovely Easter. We made a Simnel cake and hubby cooked a fantastic lunch for me. I am back on form and making cards with gusto! I am enjoying using the shuffle button when playing my music at the moment and I must admit it is quite hilarious at times. I have had Christmas songs followed by Emerson Lake and Palmer. Today it was The Rolling Stones with Start Me Up which was a good way to get motivated in the morning. I even copied some of Mick Jagger’s moves!

So stay safe everyone. Hopefully we are on the way to better times and we can get out and about in the sun and meet up with friends and family and have a good gossip.

Take care. x

7 thoughts on ““Search for the Hero Inside Yourself”

  1. So glad you’re feeling more like yourself again, you really have been through the wringer these last few weeks. You’re right in ‘Start me up’ being one of those songs that can lift your mood and get your feet moving, shame we can’t all move like Jagger.
    Take care. Stay safe.

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  2. Very pleased that you’re feeling more energetic, any videos of the Mick Jagger moves? 😊
    Sounds like full days on the ward. Hopefully your new device and the exercise will help you continue to improve following your IV treatment 🤞both hands and toes crossed for you😊 X

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