“Don’t Stop Me Now”

I have had a strange week again.

Sometimes you are feeling so good and on a high and a couple of things happen and brings you down to earth with a bang. I have had to give myself a good talking to as I am not going to let things spoil this moment of reasonable health.

I think I mentioned the fact that I have been losing weight. Well I spoke to a dietitian who was great and I loved the fact that I could be honest with her. The weight loss has changed me quite a bit. I had a laugh to her as I said I have to buy a new wardrobe as I was worried because I can walk from one room to the other and lose my trousers (not a pretty sight). Well I am on a high protein diet and I have lost muscle. I am not really underweight but they are concerned as I am eating and still losing and muscle is important for us people with duff lungs. I am adding Skyr fat free yoghurt to my waffles and fruit in the morning. I have to have protein with each meal. I love my soup and it is usually vegetable so I need to add some protein she suggested powdered milk. It is so strange as we try and eat sensibly. We only eat meat 3 times a week and then have fish or veggie meals. If I don’t have protein I have to add some low fat cheese with the meal. I am a diabetic, even though my HbA1c is 41 which I think is normal, which all to do with losing weight and reducing my steroids. So now I can have a treat which is usually cake. My problem is fat because of my gallbladder so I have to watch that. This lovely dietitian sent me a load of sample food supplements to try. This was the first downer of the week. When they arrived it hit home to me that things were getting serious and I have to start trying to eat well and doing my exercise to built the muscle. She told me it is easier to build muscle when you eat extra protein. Well there were jellies, gels (I think the ones athletes use), and drinks. She warned me that I might find them sweet. I have managed a couple of the jellies with raspberries and yoghurt and one gel, another one was binned. One of them just smelt awful! I haven’t tried a drink as there is glucose syrup in it and this worries me as I don’t want to push my sugar up, mainly because I do like to have my little treat of cake or biscuit. I will give it a go one day. I have to note the things I can manage and let the GP know so she can add them to my prescription. I am feeling better about it all now and pulled myself together. I can do this.

Then Friday my delivery of Fungizone and Colomycin was supposed to be delivered. It was to arrive by 4.30 and I was a bit worried as I was getting low with the Fungizone, only enough doses left for three and a half days. Well it hadn’t turned up by 5 so I contacted them and was told they were running late. Six o clock came and hubby phoned to be told I wouldn’t be getting my medication as it was put on the wrong van and they would reschedule to Tuesday.

On Monday I thought I would call just to make sure that everything was okay as I only had 2 doses left. I was assured that I would receive everything on Tuesday so not to worry. We got the usual phone call the night before telling us the time of the delivery. Between 3 – 5. Another late one. Guess what, it arrived but I received no needles so I couldn’t mix the drug or draw it up for my nebuliser. I phoned again and told them the problem and was told they couldn’t deliver till Friday so I would be 3 days with medication. I explained I wasn’t happy and as they had made mistakes they should organise a courier or even contact my local chemist and see if they can help. They refused. In the end they agreed to post me some but they would not be sent out till Wednesday. I asked if I could have a tracking number, I was then told they will be sent first class not special delivery. By this time I gave up and just thought I would wait. They arrived Thursday thankfully. So I am back on track again.

I have been doing my card making but I have been dot watching mostly. One of bestest buddies is running the South West Coastal Challenge and I have been tracking her progress. She is an amazing lady. We were talking the other week before she started as I wasn’t sure how long we had known each other. Years she was a youngster when we first met. She works for the NHS and ran 30 marathons before her 30th birthday which was one of her goals. She is totally bonkers but I am so proud to call her my friend. When my lovely boy Dylan died she drove over and spent the day with me and brought along her Westie Ellie.

The whole time I have been shielding she has kept in touch and she always seems to know when I am unwell as I seem to hear from her just at the right time. If you are feeling generous please sponsor her or even if you are in the area give her some support. You can track her or sponsor her here HOME | My Site (wixsite.com)

May be an image of text that says "RUNNING FORX SAVE ME TRUST 630 miles South West Coastal Challenge"

This song is for you Dani as I know you have the fight and determination to finish this challenge. Wish I was nearer as hubby and I would be there cheering you on.

She is a Brian May and Queen fan but sorry I love Tom Petty and I thought this was very apt!

Take care. x

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